SureSafe Alarms

SureSafe Alarms Offers Alarm Pendants and Panic Alarms for Elderly in the UK

Based in the UK, SureSafe Alarms is a reputable telecare and assistive technology company that offers unique alarm pendants and panic buttons to help elderly Britons lead independent lives.


Wirral, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2016 -- Independent living should be an option for everyone; this is the goal that drives SureSafe Alarms to deliver a range of superior yet cost effective safety alarms to the UK seniors. Offering quality products, such as alarm pendants and panic buttons, the telecare and assistive technology company is allowing the elderly Britons to lead a carefree and independent life post-retirement. Personal alarm systems available at SureSafe Alarms not only ensure safety of senior citizens but also provide the much-needed peace of mind to family and friends.

With the intent to give insight into pendant alarms on offer, one of the senior business development managers working with SureSafe Alarms, in a recent conference, stated, "As we age we can feel embarrassed to ask family members or friends for help, it can be hard to admit that our deteriorating health or reducing mobility means that we need a little assistance around the home. To facilitate this independence, we have a wide range of pendant alarms that provide quick assistance in emergency, at the touch of a button. Easy to wear and operate, pendant alarm can be invaluable, as they can rely on it for immediate help when they are unable to get to a phone following a fall or sudden illness."

SureSafe Alarms specialises in providing effective and reliable security alarms and panic alarms. Available in different wearing options, the personal security systems offered by the telecare and assistive technology company are easy to use; only requiring the wearer to press the alarm button. SureSafe aims to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering leading alarm equipment at prices that are affordable for all.

Elaborating the panic alarm systems available with the company, the senior business development manager further added, "With our panic alarm, vulnerable seniors in Britain feel safe and secure, as help is just a click of a button away. Our panic alarms are not only easy to use, they look stylish and discreet too. All the user needs to do is press the button on panic alarm to inform our response centre, a loved one or friend about the critical situation. The alarm base unit also allows two-way communication with the person that answers the call."

What separates SureSafe Alarms from other safety alarm companies like Age Personal Alarm UK is the fact that it has an expert team of independent living consultants that talk to customers to understand their needs and suggest the right alarm based on their requirements and budget. For those who are looking to shop for alarm pendant, SureSafe Alarms can be the ideal telecare and assistive technology company to rely on.

About SureSafe Alarms
SureSafe Alarms, a reputable telecare and assistive technology company based in the UK, offers a wide range of personal alarms, both monitored and non-monitored, to help elderly Britons lead a safe and independent life. Customers looking to find elderly panic button online can trust SureSafe Alarms for getting quality products at reasonable prices.