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SureSafe Pest Management Reveals Key Differences Between Pro and DIY Pest Control

DIY pest control often fails due to a mismatch between control methods and pest species, SureSafe Pest Management Reports


Bundaberg, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2014 -- Effective pest control is as much a matter of pesticide application methods as it is a matter of choosing the right chemicals for the job. This is why professionals like SureSafe Pest Management can get better results from all but the most dedicated do-it-yourselfers.

"Proper pest control involves several factors," said Paul Dowding of SureSafe Pest Management. "The first thing that needs to be done is the identification of the pest species. Identification goes far further than simply spotting that there are ants or termites present. Knowing exactly what kind of ants or termites are involved is crucial. This is because each particular kind has different habits and is attracted to different types of bait. Using the wrong pesticide for the specific species will result in lowered effectiveness or even no results at all. Proper baiting is essential for ."

Baiting is a popular method for pest control companies because allows insects and rodents to be killed even if they are not directly seen by exterminators. It also makes it so that individual pests don't have to be directly hit by sprays or even walk over residual compounds. Instead of working by contact, baits typically start to have effect after they are ingested by the target species.

"For insects that live in colonies, baiting is absolutely essential. A queen ant or queen termite will be hidden deep within the nest, so there's no realistic way for a person to get to her directly. Baits make it so that the colony workers will pick up the poison and take it to her themselves. Once she's dead, no more eggs will be laid. Then it's just a matter of leaving the baits out until the currently-existing members all get poisoned too, and boom - the problem is over." Dowding explained.

Baits only have one slight drawback, and that's that they cannot work immediately. If they worked immediately, affected insects would never have a chance to take the poison back to their colonies to share it with the others. Therefore, baits are intentionally made to work on a time delay.

"While baits are best for getting rid of colony-based insects, they're not too great for pests like fleas, flies, and other bugs that don't live in big groups. For them, residual pesticides are good solutions. A professional, however, doesn't use the typical bug spray that can be bought in a hardware store. Instead, we use pesticides that have a long residual period. This, combined with our knowledge of which products to use on each type of pest, allows us to deliver great results with our pest control services Bundaberg ."

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SureSafe Pest Management is a provider of Bundaberg termite control services that also takes care of all other types of pest infestations. It uses methods to both prevent infestations and eliminate those that are already present. Thanks to its combination of precise control methods and advanced pesticides, it can succeed at removing even difficult infestations from homes and businesses.