Surface 604 Unveils Innovative New Electric Fat Tire Bike for Adventurous Snow Biking

Customers who purchase e-bicycles are ready to pay from $2,000 to $3,000 for them because of significantly enhanced batteries, engines and more contemporary designs.


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- On 15th February, 2014 the producers of recent lithium ion battery powered all-terrain fat bikes unveiled a new site to display the very first of its-kind hybrid bike at

Fat tire bicycles have occurred from a closely-guarded place in Alaska to some useful method to circumvent a well-known adventure game. Google Trends reviews claims that the curiosity for ‘fat tire bikes’ will get doubled within the 12 months from January 2014. With wide grip tires and smooth lithium-ion battery to provide power in need Surface 604’s electrical fat bike design includes hot eco-friendly and adventurous sport trends with a breath taking bike frame. Their fat bike has 36-volt battery which generates enough power to cover-up 20 miles with a velocity output of 20 mph.

Interact electric support with the press of a button or simply pedal, or twist throttle. The subtle elegance makes this trip ideal for everyday cycling, while fat electric bike wheels allow it to be with the capacity of ride on hills, sand and snow.

Surface 604’s group of technicians bring over 2 decades of expertise in power sports, brought by COO, John Dem. On the words of John the perspective for the new enterprise was created from the need to produce a “highly flexible, socially-responsible automobile that was cool and allow individuals to see more of the stunning natural surroundings.

Surface604 is a firm which produces fat tire bikes. This company was started in Vancouver, British Columbia. They manufacture unique bicycle frame with wide-grip wheels and a sleek lithium-ion battery with a taillight at the end. Their fat bikes has four-inch wide tires, twice the wideness of many mountain-bike tire treads which adds better grip and prevent the tire to sink into snow or mud.

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