SurgeryBloom Announces Marketing Webinar for Plastic Surgeons

Webinar explains what it takes for plastic surgeons to have a truly commanding web presence.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Referrals are important for a plastic surgery practice, but in many cases, there aren't enough of them to truly expand a business. Many doctors report hitting a level that they just can't get past, and that this feels like a cap on their results. The solution to this isn't as easy as it seems. Local advertising in newspapers and similar outlets often just brings in a bit of incremental business.

To help with this problem, surgeon-centric marketing firm SurgeryBloom is offering a free marketing webinar for plastic surgeons and other plastic surgery clinic operators. This webinar will explain why traditional marketing methods fail and teach attendees how to draw attention from people who are ready to go ahead and get procedures.

"The problem with relying on referrals or standard advertising is that both methods often hit people who have no immediate interest in cosmetic surgery. Even the best referral in the universe is worthless if it's given to someone who is only passively interested. Newspaper advertising has even more wastage - most readers won't be thinking of surgery at all," explained Ryan Turner of SurgeryBloom.

SurgeryBloom's solution starts with search engine optimization (SEO), but it doesn't stop with getting a cosmetic surgery clinic the top position under local searches. Instead, the company works to create a truly dominating presence so that the client will be seen as the go-to surgeon for the area. This doesn't just make the client findable but creates a strong aura of credibility.

"When it comes down to it, search engine listings can be much like the phone book when it comes to trying to decide which listing to choose," said Turner. "The top listing gets the most hits, yes, but that doesn't mean that the visitors will decide to go ahead and book an appointment. Our services give searchers reasons to do that by making our clients stand out in more ways than just the listing order."

Such marketing practices, when successful, result in a client's name coming up in many local directories instead of just under their own site. Therefore, when would-be patients check these other directories, they see the same surgeon's name again and again. This increases the chance that the searcher will call that office for a consultation. Once that happens, the client has a top-quality lead that is very likely to become a bonafide patient. Readers can Sign up for a free surgical marketing webinar here to get in on the next scheduled session.

Since this type of marketing can be confusing to those who are new to it, SurgeryBloom is offering an explanatory webinar that goes through all of the relevant points.

About SurgeryBloom
SurgeryBloom is an online marketing company that works exclusively with surgeons to provide them with a strong Internet presence. This presence offers far more than just a website and a high ranking in Google. Along with those basics, it also provides an aura of credibility that will motivate far more people to call the client's office than otherwise would.