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Surprising Benefits of Yoga


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- It’s well known that yoga helps increase flexibility and reduces stress while providing a low-impact muscle building workout, but there many other surprising benefits a regular yoga practice can offer.

Recently, Norwegian fitness researchers discovered that yoga practices actual results in changes at the genetic level that can help boost immunity and protect from diseases. It doesn’t take long either; the group discovered that many of these changes happened on a cellular level after even one session. Yoga also helps boost immunity by improving overall health and making one aware of their breath, which improves circulation and organ function.

Yoga reduces stress levels through focused breathing and thinking, but it’s also been shown to ease migraine pain and prevent frequent migraine recurrences. Research shows it could be a combination of alignment in the spine and increased flexibly that causes the decrease in migraine frequency, but a regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce migraine occurrences in as little as 3 months.

Since yoga helps increase awareness of the body, it can also lead to more mindful eating practices and awareness in the emotional and physical sensations that go along with eating. This can help fight food cravings and assist a person in adapting a healthier, more nutritious diet. Finding peace and focus can help move a person to tune into the emotions that come with cravings, and help them make better choices when cravings do strike.

Finally, researchers at Harvard found that those who engaged in a daily yoga practice over a period of 8 weeks experienced less insomnia and better quality sleep. Another similar study showed that practicing yoga twice weekly helped those with cancer sleep better and feel less fatigued during the day. This can also be attributed to reduced stress levels, but many participants site the ability to focus and relax the body and mind at will as a deciding factor in finding better sleep.

To achieve full physical fitness, we must focus on strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility and mental health as well. Adding a yoga practice into a regular fitness routine can help achieve all of these principals and make a person feel healthier better rested, and ready to take on any activity they are presented with.

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