Surratt Law Practice Guides Historic Parental Rights Bill Through Nevada Legislature

Bill would expand surrogacy, reproductive technology rights to LGBT community and unmarried individuals


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- The state of Nevada recently passed a bill into law that dramatically expands the assisted reproductive technology (ART) rights of its citizens. The law—drafted, submitted and lobbied by Surratt Law Practice—positions Nevada as a national leader in reproductive rights legislation.

The new law is set to take effect October 1 and includes neutral language regarding the gender and marital status of intended parents through the use of ART. While the state’s previous law narrowly defined intended parents as legally married heterosexual couples, the new law recognizes the rights of single individuals, unmarried couples and domestic partners.

“This new law is truly a milestone in the national struggle for equal parental rights,” said Kimberly Surratt of Surratt Law Practice. “We are thrilled to see this bill passed into law, and we believe that our efforts will become a template for the rest of the country in the years to come. The issue of parental rights is central to marriage and gender equality, and Surratt Law Practice will remain on the forefront of these important efforts.”

The law firm had a central role in pushing the bill forward, with Kimberly Surratt drafting the bill itself. The firm’s team also engaged in aggressive lobbying, working closely with several members of the Nevada legislature.

The new law was introduced to the state legislature by Assemblyman Jason Frierson and was recently signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval. It also includes modifications to the rights of donated egg and embryo recipients, mirroring existing laws for sperm donations. In addition to expanding parental rights, the new law allows for compensation to be paid to gestational carriers, and also permits pre- and post-birth instructions for surrogates.

“Surratt Law Practice is dedicated to comprehensive parental rights reform in the state of Nevada,” said Surratt. “We’re proud of the results we’ve attained so far, and we’ll continue to work on behalf of all citizens in the future. This is a major step forward for equality, but our work has only just begun.”

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Surratt Law Practice, based in Reno, has made significant contributions to surrogacy and reproductive rights legislation in the state of Nevada and is a continuing leader on the issue. To learn more about the firm.

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