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Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- When the Internet first came onto the scene, companies easily distinguished themselves from their competitors by adding one or more videos to their website. Thanks to advances in technology, companies now find videos are essential to bring visitors to one's site and to hold their interest once they arrive. According to Digital Sherpa, 74 percent of consumers say videos help them to better understand a product or service. Companies wishing to take advantage of video and its many benefits need to turn to SurReel Video for assistance.

"Interactive video in Las Vegas benefits companies in a number of ways, with the most noticeable being an increase in viewer engagement. In fact, studies show viewer engagement goes up by 20 percent when one uses this type of video. SurReel Video offers a variety of services designed to boost engagement, including offering analytics so one can see how the video is doing, buttons so one can immediately take action during or after the video, and mobile friendly websites," Cherise Quimbly of SurReel Video explains.

People tend to be more transient than they were in the past. A move cross country isn't uncommon now and those looking to make a major life change often find they need to begin looking at properties online. With the help of real estate video production in Las Vegas, companies now find they can bring a property to life, showing it to its best advantage, with the help of the right service. Dynamic photography remains key to attracting interest and SurReel Video understands exactly how to present each property in its best light.

"In certain situations, one finds twilight photography becomes the best option. For others, capturing amenities of a property, such as vaulted ceilings or a fitness room in an apartment complex, is the better choice. Don't settle for less than the best when the time comes to photograph the property as great photos draw in more potential renters or buyers. This helps to ensure the asking price is easily met, if not exceeded," Quimbly continues.

Real estate video production and interactive video are just two of the many services offered through SurReel Video. One may find they need an internal video while another wants assistance with post production services. Contact SurReel Video for these and many other offerings as they have the experience and skills one needs to fully benefit from one or more website videos.

About SurReel Video
SurReel Video works with clients to learn more about the client's business, their market, customer base, prospects, and competition before applying that knowledge to produce one or more videos designed to meet the client's objectives. Clients receive personalized and enthusiastic service as each project is important to SurReel Video, a company committed to developing long-term relationships with each client. The goal for SurReel Video remains moderate growth, a great sense of humor and annual profitability while the company's vision is to create videos which showcase the client's business the best way possible.