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Suggestions and Ideas for Buying Homes I learned with Building at Surrey Homes Orlando. Surrey Homes Bella Vista Orlando is a great community in Orlando


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- Sometimes, home  buyers prefer to purchase and build new homes.  Having the opportunity to choose your own carpeting, paint, appliances and making the home to your specifications, can be very appealing.  You may want your home to welcome you as it’s first, that is why I bought a house with Surrey Homes Orlando.

If you want to live in Orlando, near downtown, then Surrey Homes Belle Vista Orlando in the Lake Conway area might be the right community for you!

With ANY new home construction - use these tips I learned while going through the buying process with Surrey Homes Orlando.  Previously, I had purchased three new homes with two separate builders and I thought all home builders were essentially the same.

I quickly learned, that is not the case with the experience of the buying process, construction process, and servicing process while having the opportunity to work with Surrey Homes Belle Vista Orlando.

Hire A Local Real Estate Agent

Always keep in mind when building a home, whether with Surrey Homes Orlando or any other builder,  that you should you seriously consider using your own real estate agent.  Sales agents for builders are paid to represent them, no matter what verbiage they may decide to use.  My sales person at Surrey Homes Bella Vista Orlando was an upstanding gentleman, kind hearted , had integrity, and genuine cared for his customers - absolutely the best Sales Person I had to the opportunity to work with building a new home.  Beware though, as some sales people at other builders may use sneaky tactics to get you to agree to signing a contract, so I feel it's important that you always have a third party agent to represent you.  You need an educated professional who represents YOU and is on YOUR on your side.

Explore Lender Options

You must always explore different lender options, don't assume that you have to use their lender.  There might be incentives to do so, but that is merely, to ensure that they know their mortgage professional can deliver, rather than you working with a fly by night person who can't get the job done.  Often times, as long as you work with a reputable upstanding organization, you can save more over the course of the loan, possibly less upfront closing costs, than accepting their incentives. Builders do prefer if you use their lender because the lender will keep them informed of your personal progress.  But, you should always shop around and find the best lender for you, and a person that you trust, who you feel confident can do a great job for you with your loan.  My wife ultimately ended up using Surrey Homes Orlando preferred lender, but I was turned off when she couldn't even quote me the correct FHA limits.  Plus, I'm not sure if it was her specifically, but it was extremely difficult to get in contact with her and receive return calls.

Get Legal Advice

With any large purchase, especially one that you may consider an investment, legal advice should be sought prior to executing any legal documents.  With our original contract with Surrey Homes Orlando, my attorney immediately requested to strike out verbiage that he believed was unnecessary.  In fact, I was advised to not execute the agreement.  As the contract read, that the builder could deliver the home up to 2 years because of delays.   If they did incur those delays, it would not negate the obligation of the purchaser to buy the home.

Hiring a real estate lawyer that can help you read and understand all the legal terms and clauses in the contract, is well worth the minimal cost compared to such a large purchase.  You don't have to sign something you don't understand!

Determine Your Options To Upgrade

With the purchasing of your home, be sure to determine what options are available to add.  Luckily, when I bought, Surrey Homes Belle Vista Orlando, most of our upgrades we wanted came standard.  Other builders may charge you through the roof for them.  I've built houses adding 80k, even 100k+ in options which was in addition to the base price.

Surrey Homes Orlando definitely was a breath of fresh air in that I didn't have to be upset that I couldn't have the options I truly wanted.  I felt their philosophy was, let us get everything most people wanted in a home, package it together as one and the savings will be passed on the consumer.  Plus it helps streamline the buying process and construction, at least that's the way I see it.  Most builders I have worked with will try to sell homes with minimum construction costs in order to make the largest profit, and then charge (with huge profit margins) to upgrade options that you truly when.  Prior to building, see which way the builder operates, I'd much rather the Surrey Homes Belle Vista Orlando way.

Check The Builder's Credentials

Just like anything else, always check your builder's reputation.  If there were minor issues, you may not here about it.  If a buyer  or multiple buyers had horrendous experiences, well, you'll probably be able to find complaints.  A great way to find out a builder's reputation is to visit neighborhoods and communities they've previously built.  Their customers are either going to be their best advocate or worst friend.

Hire A Home Inspector

You MUST do this! When thinking about buying a new construction home, you should ALWAYS do a home inspection.  I made that mistake prior to moving into Surrey Homes Belle Vista Orlando.   Don't just take the word from the builder, friend, dad, or construction buddy says everything is good.   A professional home inspector needs to help you look for things you wouldn't know about and make sure they are handled prior to moving in.  You want a certified home inspector  to clear the house before you buy it.  It can save you a lot of money and frustration down the road.

Verify the Warranty Details

Builders can sell the fact they have the best Home Warranty in the world.  Surrey Homes Orlando expressed on multiple occasions 4 year (“everything included”) warranty.  Anything at all that breaks will be fixed.  Air Filters changed every 3 months, heck a light bulb breaks, they will bring and install a new one.  Let me tell you, I’m days away from our 1 year anniversary and the filters have been changed once, only after bringing getting on their case multiple times.  What would happened if I relied on them changed broken light bulbs?   I would most definitely be in the dark for a very long time!  So yes, you can have 20 year warranty, but my suggestion is to peg down how quickly they will get to it and when they guarantee all issues will be resolved!

You Will Be Fine

It's not that scary. I'm purely offering my tips and advice I have acquired based on my experience with dealing with Surrey Homes Orlando.  I merely want you to use the knowledge I have gained so you can go into buying any home with the necessary tools to ensure a smooth and joyous experience.  No matter where you buy, even if it's not a new home construction, you can now make an educated, informed, decision.

After all, besides marriage and having children, purchasing your dream home should be the most exciting experience you get to share with the people you love.

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