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Survey Reveals Health Tracking Trend Is on the Rise


Marina Del Rey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- New research on the popularity of wearable health tracking devices inspired personalized health software company ph360 to announce its release of technology designed to make it easier than ever for individuals to take control of wellness and weight loss. The research, conducted by TechnologyAdvance, revealed that within a group of almost 1000 adults, 25% use a smartphone-based app or wearable device for tracking their health. Moreover, 14.5% plan to start using a wearable health tracking device in the near future.

ph360's founder and CEO Matt Riemann stated, "This news comes as no surprise in the era of the forthcoming Apple Watch, as well as Apple's Health and HealthKit apps, which are native to iOS 8. The moment is now for the development of technologies that can help users not only understand their health statuses, but also track the progress they hope to be making on a daily, and moment-to-moment basis. ph360 does just that."

The web-based app found online at is offering personalized health plans based on epigenetics and physical measurements. Riemann elaborated, "ph360 is poised to fulfill the needs of a new kind of consumer—one that is choosing to make their health a priority and wants to find easy ways to honor that priority."

ph360 takes health tracking to the next level, employing a research-based algorithm that integrates the sciences of endocrinology, epigenetics, and anthropometry to deliver personalized health and weight loss programs. While ph360 cannot make medical predictions or give medical advice, it can provide a window into understanding what each individual might need to reach a healthier state.

Riemann asserts, "Health tracking begins with gaining inside information about how your body works. ph360 makes health tracking easy by giving individuals not just information, but also tangible actions to take based on that personalized information. Users following ph360 are having remarkable results – from extreme weight loss to the end of migraines, insomnia, skin problems, digestion issues, and even reducing hair loss and reversing serious illnesses."

For a physician like Dr. Phillip Wuth, family physician of Carina Medical and Specialist Centre, this research is highly encouraging. Dr. Wuth recommends ph360 to his patients, saying, "Health tracking is one of the simplest ways to take action towards preventative health. And ph360 is making that easier and more powerful than ever."

For more information, see Media interviews with personalized health expert Matt Riemann available upon request. Media contact: Kaia Roman

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