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Survey Shows Auto Transport Plus Rates Are Lower Than Many Other Car Transport Companies


Platte City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2011 -- A recent national survey showed that Auto Transport Plus offers auto transport cost rates that are 20 percent less than many car transport companies. The premier auto transport company guarantees safe one-truck transport of each vehicle within two to fifteen days anywhere in the continental U.S.

Although car shipping cost and multiple quotes are important factors for choosing an auto transport company, they are only two of several that must be considered; chief among these are quality and service. “These attributes must be clear and transparent to clients that range from individuals and families moving cross country to car auctions, car dealers and a host of other end users of auto transport services,” said an Auto Transport Plus specialist.

The phrases ‘door to door’ and ‘anytime delivery’ can leave false impressions of safety, quality and service. In fact, many carriers use multiple transports to deliver a vehicle across the country and few can guarantee delivery within a highly specific time frame. The 2,000 premiere transporter partners of Auto Transporter Plus guarantee completed car shipments within 2-15 days that are 100-percent insured with zero deductibles. Their single-truck-transport method means no switching at terminals or other facilities. “This helps lower the car transport cost, duration and vehicle damage risk,” said the specialist.

An Auto Transport Plus Personal Car Shipping Coordinator provides assistance throughout the car shipping process and is in constant client contact via phone and e-mail. Online individual accounts enable clients to see pictures (before, during and after) of the car transport process, view all move documentation and access status reports. “The personal coordinator will assist in every way even if that means rescheduling pickup dates without fees or penalties if requested no later than two days before shipping,” said the specialist.

For Auto Transport Plus, providing the lowest car shipping cost is important, but so are service and quality. “We strive to provide the lowest prices and highest quality and service in the industry,” said the specialist. Backed by our guarantees and transparent process, every client knows that they are working with the best.”

To learn more, please visit http://www.autotransportplus.com/

About Auto Transport Plus
Auto Transport Plus is a premier auto transport service that works with 2,000 of the best auto transport partners to provide safe and secure delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. In addition to rates 20 percent lower than most competitors, the company guarantees completed car shipment via a single truck with no transfers within 2-15 days that is 100-percent insured with zero deductible. Customers work with a personal transport coordinator and have access to individual online accounts providing digital images of the move as well as all documentation and reports.