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New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- To improve service quality and customer loyalty, many merchants are hosting surveys. Generally, customers who take part in surveys will be asked a number of questions concerning service, product, convenience, and many other aspects of the business. After spending some time finishing the survey, customers are awarded with some perks. The prizes vary from discount after a certain amount of purchase to thousand-dollar prizes.

This kind of commercial promotion is not limited in surveys. Sweepstakes is another way to impress customers and develop them to return ones. For customers, survey is not accessible to everyone, because in most cases customer will need a invitation code to participate. This means you will have to consume at the shop or restaurant before you are eligible to be awarded. Given that, many customers may prefer sweepstakes to survey.

Apart from what has been said, another inconvenience of taking survey is that there are many third-party websites hosting surveys for merchants. Customers may find it difficult to enter the survey, because the entry page is too poor to understand how to go on. What's more, will customers really read the lengthy survey rules just to figure out what will be award after completing the survey?

Surveybag commits itself to survey information and guidance. With a wide coverage of surveys on auto, entertainment, food and retail, it provides customers useful information when they take surveys. Customers can know instantly their qualification and what they will get after finishing the survey without wasting precious time on reading lengthy rules. If they need help, step-by-step survey guidance and videos can help them get through.

Surveybag does every thing possible to make things become easy for customers. It issues survey usability report regularly to tell customers the easiness of taking surveys on different platforms. "Customers are not obliged to waste time and energy on things that should have been done in an easier way" said one of the chief operators of Surveybag,"What we are doing now is to help them get rid of those useless information and get straight to the point".