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Survival Center Takes Number One Spot in Internet Poll of Survivalist Shoppers

Company's top placement in poll of demanding consumers a reflection of its dedication to high quality, low prices, and unbeatable customer service, Survival Center reports


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Survival Center, an online retailer of survival and emergency supplies, announced that the company took the top spot in a recent Internet poll of consumers. Conducted by survival-industry publisher Peak 10 Publishing, the poll asked respondents to pick the best overall online survival gear store. Survival Center's number-one finish in the poll, company representatives say, is a reflection of its excellent selection, low prices, and superb customer service.

"We here at Survival Center are thrilled to be recognized as the top source for survival equipment and supplies anywhere," company spokesman Ben Larabee said, "and we're going to work even harder to make sure we live up to that reputation in the future." More than three million Americans today describe themselves as survivalists or "preppers," taking care to stockpile supplies and make other arrangements in case of societal or economic problems. Although they report a wide variety of reasons for this outlook, most agree that the pursuit can be a satisfying and engrossing one, in addition to providing welcome peace of mind.

Survival Center is one of the leading sources of equipment and supplies for those interested in making such preparations. Being unable to know precisely when their survival supplies might be needed, survivalists typically put a heavy emphasis on buying only the best-designed equipment and longest-lasting consumable supplies. Survival Center's buyers and decision makers work hard to vet and select the products it offers, and their efforts have contributed to a reputation for selling quality goods that was a major factor in Survival Center's winning of the recent Internet poll.

At the same time, the company also works hard to offer these carefully selected products at the lowest-possible prices. In fact, survivalists who shop at Survival Center often report being able to afford higher-quality supplies than they had planned for on budgets lower than they had originally set aside, such as by buying top-quality water filters and emergency kits when they had assumed these were financially out of reach. These extremely competitive levels of pricing rated as a close second in importance in the selection of Survival Center as the top online survival gear store in the recent Peak 10 Publishing Internet poll.

"Dedicated survivalists prepare for everything, including the unexpected," Larabee concluded, "and we here at Survival Center take pride in being able to help. We'd like to thank our valued customers and fans for recognizing us as the top survival store and promise to impress them even more in the future." Survival Center offers free shipping throughout the continental United States on qualifying orders. In addition to a generous low-price guarantee, the company also offers an industry-exclusive, no-questions-asked, 6-month refund guarantee on its products, as well as similarly impressive levels of customer service. In addition to winning the recent Internet poll, Survival Center has received a number of other commendations, including an extremely high rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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The leading online source of survival gear, Survival Center boasts the widest ranges of top-quality equipment, food, and educational materials anywhere. The company's low prices and unmatched 6-month, any-reason refund policy have also contributed to its sterling reputation.