Survival Gear Is Available from New Website Disaster Survival Jane


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 --, a website that features top-quality survival gear and survival products, has just launched its new and easy-to-navigate site. The website combines survival gear and products with articles and videos designed for the average man who wants to be prepared for any natural disaster.

“Survival planning has become the new “Insurance” of the 21st Century,” says Disaster Survival Jane. “Disaster scenarios like those of Katrina, Haiti, Japan, and Sandy have us now all realizing that it is better to prepare for natural disasters than to become casualties of them.” This way of thinking is why Disaster has become so popular over the last couple of months. People are finally taking their lives seriously and preparing.”

What is the best way to start a disaster survival plan? Disaster Survival Jane’s suggestion is to start investigating different Survival Sites and Survival Blogs and then bit by bit, piece by piece construct your plan based on your own needs and the information you find. If you have the money to put one together all at one time, great, but if not just start with what you have and don’t get overwhelmed or defeated by the perceived enormity of the task. Focus first on ready to eat meals, freeze dried food, 5 gallon water packs and other types of survival food, and survival kits.

Disaster Survival Jane has also been quoted as saying, “Thanks to modern technology, we usually know ahead of time when disaster is about to strike (except in the case of earthquakes of course). This at least gives us a chance to “act” instead of to “react,” and gives us a great advantage! We can stock up and create survival drills for our immediate and extended families.”

About The Disaster Survival Jane website
The Disaster Survival Jane website is meant to be a one-stop-shopping site where the survivalist can find everything he or she needs to have great survival gear for the entire extended family. Whether you are looking for tents, fishing equipment, cast iron pots and pans, wood stoves, heirloom seeds or survival books, you can find it on the Disaster Survival Jane website. Preparation is no longer something to be ignored, it is now a necessity.

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