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Survival Girl: Abuse, Redemption & Life Lessons Collide in Compelling Fictional Memoir for Women; Proving Love Is Best Cure for Self-Pity

Twisting fact and fiction, loosely-based on the life story of author Carolyn Jernigan, ‘Survival Girl’ can help any woman triumph through life’s difficult situations. Things don’t go swimmingly for protagonist Tanya, who searches for love in the wrong places and sees her dreams derailed by those around her. But will finding true love be the panacea for all of her ills? Find out in a novel that is sure to go viral and empower women around the world to stay in charge of their own lives.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- There’s no way to sugarcoat it; every woman faces adversity. While it differs in severity, most find that the one thing they do lose is the ability to take charge of their existence. In a gripping and highly-inspirational new novel by Carolyn Jernigan, that power is given back to every reader.

‘Survival Girl’ masterfully weaves fiction around many real facets of the authors life; a life that has come with some very hard truths.


Survival Girl is the story of Tanya, a young woman whose life dreams get derailed and put on hold, as she finds her path. Growing up in a troubled family with an abusive, alcoholic father, Tanya’s ideas about love and security lead her into dangerous situations. Forced to leave home, she goes through a series of hair-raising trials and tribulations, including spending time in jail. But Tanya isn’t going to give up. In Pete, the handsome deacon of her church, she is sure that she has found true love. But life still has a few surprises in store for her. Full of issues that face women every day, Survival Girl has valuable life lessons for the reader, including the idea that each of us must learn from other people’s examples, that love and forgiveness are better than self-pity, and that no matter what we go through, each of us must stay in charge of our own lives, rather than looking for a father, mother, or partner to save us. Tanya’s gritty, inspiring story will show you that decisions have consequences, and that challenges are there to get us to the next level. Follow Tanya’s journey of self-discovery…and in the process, you’ll learn about yourself, as well.

“This book is so profound because the fictional concepts within throw up plenty of questions pertinent to the real-world,” explains Jernigan. “From Tanya’s friendships to her love interests – everything is laid out bare to get women re-examining many facets of their own lives.”

Continuing, “I want all women to be able to recognize the trouble coming their way before it hits them, to know that their family and upbringing have no bearing on their own individual success and to stop playing the blame game with themselves and others.”

Ultimately, as Jernigan attests, it comes down to who is in control of an individual’s life.
“Many women feel that they should sit by passively while their friends, spouses or family run the show. This should never be the case; every woman is the captain of her soul and should live an autonomous life with gusto. Tanya’s story will show them how – and they’ll soon come to learn how important it is to make the transition from victim to victor,” she adds.

‘Survival Girl’, published by Outskirts Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1o43hIn.

About Carolyn Jernigan
Carolyn Jernigan’s life lessons have been valuable to her in the process of writing. As a child, she always believed that adults did whatever they wanted to do, and owned the world. When she grew up and entered the adult world, however, she discovered that this was far from true. In navigating the real world, she has discovered principles of life that are useful to everyone, which she generously shares in this book.