Survival Warehouse Makes 'Last Great Expansion' as Sales of Apocalypse Survival Supplies Reach Fever Pitch


Geneva, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- After the inauguration of President Barack Obama for a second term, and the recent negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff, the outlook for America looks bleaker than ever in the eyes of many. Some of the most vocal of these are so-called ‘Preppers’, individuals who are now feverishly preparing themselves for a life after the end of civilised America, stocking up on emergency essentials. Survival Warehouse supplies emergency food and supplies, including freeze dried food, water purification tablets, cooking tools and survival kits. Their sales are increasing at such a rapid pace, they have had to increase their storage capacity and facilities.

Jeff Mann, the owner of Survival Warehouse, says the company can barely keep up with the increasing demand. As a result of this surge in sales, he has taken the decision to expand his warehousing by an additional 25,000 square feet. This new space has been installed with state of the art air conditioning units to the new warehousing structures, designed to create the cool conditions in which Mountain House freeze dried foods need to be stored- at or below 72 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for bunkers and tunnel shelters.

Jeff explained that the move could well be the last such expansion the company makes in spite of its success, "I am hesitant to invest further resources into the expansion of the company, because I fully expect the economy will collapse completely within two to five years. The government is vilifying business owners and making them look greedy, while getting the wider populace addicted to hand-outs and benefits that can’t be sustained as fewer and fewer people pay tax or work to earn their living. Making business owners the bad guy will guarantee they leave for greener pastures, and we’ll have ashes left behind. I'm taking a calculated risk that the next five years will recoup my expenditure ahead of the crash. My internet store isn't going to do me a damn bit of good when the world values our dollar at half a cent.”

About Survival Warehouse
Survival Warehouse is a web store stocking survival food, water filtration, cooking implements, emergency shelters, tools and defensive weapons for use in disaster situations. The company is US based and ships internationally, offering a price match guarantee and periodic special offers. For more information, please visit: