Survival Warehouse Mocks Government Policy with Food Card Scheme


Geneva, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Recently, the United States government has come under criticism as food stamp usage has risen to record highs. While some believe the figure is an indication of the necessity for such government subsidy in difficult economic times, others see it as a harbinger of a coming financial meltdown. As the Fiscal Cliff approaches, Survival Warehouse have taken to extreme measures to assure the survival of those they feel deserve a spot in whatever comes after the fall.

Survival Warehouse’s Jeff Mann felt personally insulted by the government scheme now covering around 48 million individuals throughout the U.S., and felt others who believed themselves real Americans would be too. Jeff was so angry with government spending he declared, “It’s time for the hard working, tax paying citizen of the country to get something for free. They are the ones we want to survive and repopulate the planet should a financial apocalypse take place, which with this government seems increasingly likely every day.”

Survival Warehouse are an online supplier of water filters, tools and long-lasting, dehydrated food designed for survival situations, which an increasing number of so-called ‘preppers’ believe American citizens will face sooner rather than later. They have now begun a food card system for their emergency food, designed to protect hard-working Americans from what they perceive as an impending crisis. When you make a one year food supply purchase on select items you can receive your free $100 food card.

Jeff explained the new promotion was originally designed as a protest, “Since everybody in this country seems to love free food we decided to start our own EBT Free food card hand out. This of course is just to highlight the ridiculousness of the government’s current system, which weans people on to government hand-outs and away from pulling themselves up by their bootstraps as the going gets tough.” The program works like this, when you buy a select one year mountain house supply of freeze dried food you get a $100.00 Free Food Card which can also be used to purchase other items in the on-line survival store.

Since the start of the program in November, Jeff has already given away 25 free cards and plans to continue giving away free food for the foreseeable future, “We won’t have customers to buy from us at this rate unless we take drastic action, as the government refuses to take responsibility and do so on behalf of the American people it claims to represent.”

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