Survival Warehouse Reports Local Preppers Are Stocking Up on Emergency Essentials


Geneva, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- The Post-Election period is almost always followed by a period of hysteria, especially in closely fought and bitter battles like the one between Romney and Obama. What seems to be new in this cycle however is the degree to which voters are taking the result personally. Reports of individuals committing suicide over the election results came in quickly, but other reports are more sinister than tragic- one woman ran over her husband for voting Democrat in the election. Survival Warehouse has been on the receiving end of skyrocketing business as the greatest troubles seem to lie ahead. provides emergency essentials such as long-life, freeze dried food and dehydrated foods that can last for up to thirty years, as well as Katadyn water filtration filters, survival tools, emergency shelters, first aid kits and defensive weapons. They even offer health products, security systems, and air filtration systems in the event of nuclear fall-out.

Threats of secession from the union by militias in Texas are not often taken seriously, but the volume of these threats and the sincerity with which Doomsday Preppers seem to be going about their tasks suggests imminent civil strife. Government preparedness agencies such as FEMA appear to be stockpiling, while gun stores are recording record figures as individuals and groups seem to be predicting a coming storm.

Bill Hennessey, an employee of Survival Warehouse expressed his concerns, "I have never seen anything like this in my life, after the election our phones lit up like a Christmas tree. Texas in particular, these people are really angry and preparing for civil war, it’s almost eerie and definitely nerve racking. People are buying mass quantities of survival food now, nothing like I have ever seen, and with a sense of immediacy that is especially frightening- we sell our stock to last thirty years or more, but it seems like it might come into use far sooner than that."

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