Survival Weekend Provides Unique Survival Experience for Fathers and Sons


Groningen, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- In the past, fathers would learn their sons how to hunt, teach them all their learning and guide them into manhood. With our ever evolving world however, fathers spend less and lees quality time with their sons.

For sons, a father is an important role model. Due to work obligations, stressful families and of course divorces (36.2% of all Dutch marriages end in divorce), fathers have less time to spend with their sons.

With this in mind, Simi Reizen developed a special survival weekend in the Ardennes for fathers and sons. During these survival weekends, fathers get to spend quality time with their sons in a great environment, whilst doing all kinds of "man activities" such as archery, abseiling/rappelling, a nightly dropping with a map and compass, and many more activities that are fun as well as challenging for both generations.

It is obvious that there is a huge demand for father-son bonding opportunities given the many bookings already collected for those weekends.

Simi Reizen has chosen not to make the weekend therapeutic or otherwise "heavy", but let the bonding come true on its own. By sharing experiences and learning from each other, parents will get a better understanding of what their son experiences in life, and sons actually have a chance to spend time and connect to their fathers in a very special way.

These unique survivalweekends in the Ardennes (Belgium) are to be a memory that will stay in the minds of father as well as son (or sons) and will be looked upon with a lot of great memories.

Other activities during these weekends are fishing, rope pulling and much more.

In a world in which it is becoming increasingly hard to spend a good time without any disturbing other things, these survival weekends are filling a great gap in the travel industry.

Simi Reizen organises holidays within Europe, with a focus on outdoor sports and activities. Countries where we organise our holidays are for example Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, France, Spain and the Czech republic.

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