- The Apt Source for Finding Sharp and Compact Survival Knives is a recently launched site that is a go-to place for finding varied kinds survival knives as well as relevant information about them.


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- The practice of carrying around a small pocket knife is an age old one. It is the most traditional way to ensure one’s safety and is still very much reliable in times of need. The good old pocket knife not only helps one against attacks by anti-social elements but also helps in executing various other tasks. is the leading online destination for finding the perfect survival knife.

The website that recently went live, features important, helpful information about varied kinds of small knives such as credit card knives, folding and survival knives. guides visitors in the pocket knife selection process by describing the knives in detail by providing handy information about their features, pros and cons. It contains first hand reviews of knives so that prospective users can make an educated decision about the purchase.

The credit card knife is regarded as the best choice when it comes to pocket knives as it has a negligible weight which makes it extremely light to carry around at all times and is sharp enough. This kind of a knife is also childproof and extremely effective to protect the user from a number of survival situations.

The credit card knife is a very versatile tool, which can easily be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is a unique looking knife in the sense that it does not look like traditional knife but resembles the shape, size and form of a credit card from which it derives its name. Since it looks like a harmless credit card, it can rest invisibly in the pocket without attracting unnecessary attention to the user, as is the case with traditional pocket knives.

The credit card knife boasts of a long stainless steel blade that guarantees longer lasting rust-free sharpness along with an ultra-light polypropylene body that comes with an inbuilt protective sheath for prevention against injury and blunting. A couple of folding operations later, this kind of knife transforms into an elegant pocket utility tool or weapon masked in the guise of a credit card. It is typically lighter and slimmer than general folding knives, which give it an edge over them.

Founded by Douglas Rossi, offers a free survival life credit card knife for visitors to try it firsthand. Not many people know about credit card knives and hence this website was aimed to fill the gap between vague knowledge about such a knife and through, in-depth understanding of it.

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