Survivalist Foods Launches New Website and Is Offering Free Shipping to Canada on Select Orders During September


Centerville, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Survivalist foods is offering a lot of incentives during the launch of its new website, Through the month of September, Survivalist Foods is offering FREE shipping to Canada on orders that contain 2880 servings or more of Wise food storage.  Also during this month, customers in the USA will receive two free gifts along with free shipping on orders over $200. For the survivalist who has been thinking about starting a year supply of food or gathering emergency food and/or kits, September is the month to get started!

September also happens to be National Emergency Preparedness Month, declared by FEMA and During this month, these organizations are encouraging people to start their emergency preparations.  Victims of  hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, and financial difficulties too often said they wish they had been prepared the day before. is proclaiming that “Today is the Day Before.”  Do not procrastinate the day of emergency preparation.

FEMA suggests having an emergency plan, as well as a basic survival or emergency kit, survival food, and emergency water, which all can be found at at During September, 72 hour emergency kits are free with certain sized orders, as are survival food kits. Emergency food is important for minor emergencies as well as for a year supply of food. Financial difficulties can hurt families drastically, as can natural disasters and other unexpected occurrences. Survival food will prevent any family from going hungry and stressing about what to eat during a difficult situation.

Survivalist Foods recommends Wise Food storage products, which are pre-made meals packed in air-tight Nitrogen Flushed pouches. The sealed food pouches are then placed in easily stackable containers, which are also easy to carry.  Wise Food's process for packaging the freeze dried food ensures fresh great tasting food and an unbeatable 25 year shelf life.

Among the other benefits of Wise food, the prepared meals are easy to cook by simply adding hot or boiling water. Within 15 minutes of adding hot water, Wise food meals are ready to enjoy.  Standard survival food can be difficult and take a long time to prepare, as well as not tasting very good. Wise food has a variety of breakfast and entrees that can also be combined with freeze dried meat, fruit, and vegetables, all available at Survivalist Foods online survival store.

September is the month begin a simply 72 hour, week, month, or year back food supply with the great deals being offering by Survivalist Foods. Orders totaling $200 or more shipping within USA’s 48 continental states will receive a free survival food and emergency kit. Orders crossing the border into Canada that contain 2880 or more servings of Wise food qualify for FREE shipping. Other companies charge over $700 to ship this amount product into Canada. Several Canadian families can even join together to place larger orders, and Survivalist Foods will label and split up the orders for them. Visit Survivalist Foods for more information and to get started on a reserve food supply!

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