Joe Bragg Shows Americans How to Make It Through Disasters with 'Prepping' Guides


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Many people agree that today’s world is going through a period of uncertainty. Countries like China and India are rising while the United States is struggling to build momentum following a recession. In this time of global uncertainty, anything can happen.

Whether it’s a sudden economic crisis, a nuclear attack, or a natural disaster, more and more Americans are starting to prepare themselves for ‘SHTF’ situations. A major part of this preparedness includes buying the right type of survival gear to make it through any disaster or emergency.

At, visitors can discover a wide range of survival gear articles. Some articles review certain types of survival equipment – like backpacks or training books – while others discuss common mistakes made by beginner ‘preppers’.

The goal of the site is to educate Americans on how to survive SHTF situations. A spokesperson for explained how the site aims to do that:

“Being a prepper involves preparing for any type of disastrous situation or emergency that may occur. In these types of situations, people may have to kill to protect their families. Our website wants to educate people on the intricacies of survival preparedness long before a disaster actually occurs. We test survival products and review those products ourselves, along with writing articles about how to actually use that gear in a survival situation.”

So far, the website’s written guides include topics like:

- Long term food storage solutions
- How to maintain a survival mentality
- Choosing an area in which to survive during a disaster
- How to navigate using stars in a world without electricity

These articles are designed to help visitors deal with any emergency situation they may encounter. But along with these introductory prepper articles, also features detailed reviews of some of the top survival products on the market today, including simple items like bags and tarps as well as hunting knives and other weaponry.

As the spokesperson explains, all products are tested personally by the site’s staff:

“We don’t want to send people into a survival situation with a poorly-manufactured backpack on their backs. We want to ensure they have everything they need to make it safely through a survival situation. We personally test all of the gear we recommend because we want to survive disasters as much as our visitors.”

Whether preparing for an earthquake, economic collapse, or failure of the electricity grid, aims to show visitors exactly how to survive SHTF scenarios.

About is an online disaster preparedness website that reviews survival gear and posts instructional guides about how to survive all sorts of different emergency scenarios. The goal of the website is to help visitors survive anything from an earthquake to a nuclear disaster. For more information, please visit: