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Survive the Holidays with Small Wellness Goals


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- It’s the time of year where good intentions fall by the wayside due to Holiday indulgences and special events. This doesn’t have to be the case – there are numerous goals a person can set to remain healthy and on track both physically and nutritionally throughout the holiday season, and allow for little indulgences that make this time of year special.

When days off work leave a person feeling like they want to relax and stay in sweats all day, this can lead to extra consumption of junk food out of boredom or simply the comfort of loose-fitting free form clothing. Instead of lounging all day, get up and get dressed in clothes that fit the body and one may find themselves making more conscious food choices to stay into the jeans they’re currently wearing.

In addition to getting dressed, don’t neglect other daily habits like exercise. Time may be limited due to family events or other holiday parties, but there’s still time to walk the dog, jump rope for a few minutes, or attend that holiday workout class their holding at an earlier hour. This will not only keep spirits lifted, but will help battle the urge to overindulge later on.

At parties, wine and other spirits flow freely, but make sure to consume enough water to stay fully hydrated. Eight glasses a day, and even more if you plan on indulging in special drinks that are only around during this time of the year.

In addition to special drinks are special desserts and treats that are only made at Holiday times. Don’t forbid the indulgence, have a slice of pie but stick to that portion. A goal of 90 percent healthy eating with 10 percent splurges is one that is easily maintained when there are temptations all along the table.

Overall, remember that this time of year only comes once, and while it may seem easier to simply fall off the fitness and health wagon than fight against the flow, this can lead to guilt and feelings of inadequacy later on. Keep small goals in mind and indulge but not too much; this will allow for holiday enjoyment with more merriment and joy and less guilt over all.

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