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Surviving Life by Following the Wisdom of Cats Is the Theme of New Book by Popular Author Lana Reid


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- As anyone who has ever lived with cats knows quite well, they are wise, wonderful and intelligent animals.

Lana Reid, an award-winning author and public speaker based in Los Angeles, Calif., has lived with cats her entire life. Over the years, Lana realized that no matter what challenges came along, her beloved pets always seemed to have an innate ability to confront them and survive unscathed.

Lana was so inspired by watching her feline friends get through whatever struggles they encountered with wisdom and grace that she decided to write a book about it.

In “Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me,” Lana illustrates how applying the innate wisdom of cats to a variety of difficult situations can help humans face their struggles and achieve personal growth.

With its combination of humor and practical advice, readers will learn how to take the often-serious issues they are battling and apply feline wisdom to tackle their problems head on.

As Lana reveals on her website, she is no stranger to overcoming challenges. When she was just 32 years old, her husband was killed and she found herself as a grieving single mom, raising a young daughter alone.

Despite this tragedy, Lana found the inner-strength to keep going, and find ways to help others. She is now an accomplished writer who has touched many lives, and her daughter has grown into a successful and intelligent young woman.

Lana’s new book is dedicated to both her daughter and her cats, who she notes have all helped her survive the days. Each chapter looks at a specific lesson that can be learned from cats and offers real-life advice.

For example, in the first chapter, “When you get thrown in the water...Swim,” Lana observes how cats that find themselves immersed in water will look incredibly furious, but will also do anything and everything possible to get out of the uncomfortable situation. When they do emerge, they look miserable for awhile, but they still survive.

This analogy can also apply to people who have figuratively found themselves thrown into water. It may be unpleasant and challenging, but by working as hard as possible and never giving up, people can emerge from the water—maybe a bit worse for wear at first, but ultimately victorious.

About Lana Reid
Lana Reid is a lady with a plethora of random thoughts that she forces those around her to listen to. Armed with a passion for documenting her musings in print, she shares with others her observations about anything from relationships, politics to the price of milk at the grocery store. Born July 8, 1969 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Lana grew up as an Air Force brat and traveled the globe absorbing a variety of different cultures. This early exposure to the difference in lifestyles has greatly influenced Ms. Reid’s appreciation for the uniqueness of people, places and things as she journeys through life. Lana currently writes full time from her home in Los Angeles, California and often imparts her upbeat and idealistic outlook to others as a public speaker. Active in her community, Ms. Reid has received numerous commendations for her service efforts in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about Lana Reid, or to purchase the book, please visit http://lanareid.com