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Surviving the Penny Slots: Former Croupier Releases 'Survival Guide' for Average Slot Player.

Having witnessed thousands of guests leave casinos without any money (or even their life’s savings), Hal Bishop knew he needed to help. Now, for the first time ever, a book exists that provides the average slot player with vital information on minimizing wagers, losing less and making the casino an affordable night out.


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- As they say, the casino always wins. Nobody knows this better than Hal Bishop, who has spent decades watching deflated souls leave casinos across the country. However, thanks to a ground-breaking new book he has recently launched, the conservative gambler can inject the fun back into their play and make the casino affordable entertainment at last.

‘Surviving the Penny Slots - Take the Money and Run! - Tips and Tricks for Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game’ is, in essence, a survival guide for the average slots player. With a focus on helping players spend less, lose less and win more, critics have tipped Bishop’s guide as a saving grace to the millions of Americans who enjoy playing the penny slot machines.


“Let's face it -- the casino will do everything in its power to take your cash. After all, they're in business to make money! Surviving the Penny Slots will provide you with the ammunition needed to increase your profits when you are winning, and significantly reduce your losses when you're having a bad day. These proven gaming strategies and techniques are presented in an easy-to-read format along with step-by-step instruction. Once you have read and apply this valuable information to your gaming sessions, you'll have the ability and confidence to control your own financial destiny while at your favorite casino.”

As the author explains, his book is the culmination of years of casino experience.

“Surviving the Penny Slots presents all of the observations that I’ve made regarding the different actions that many casinos take in order to acquire the maximum amount of your money,” says Bishop.

He continues, “I will delve into detail on each item, and illustrate what I do in order to defend myself against each specific obstacle. Many of the marketing tools used by the different casinos are very subtle, yet when combined together, can become a rather ominous threat to your pocketbook!”

‘Surviving the Penny Slots’ covers a myriad of topics including the importance of self-discipline, what amounts players should bet, the most profitable pay lines on a penny slot, how to maximize wins by playing several machines and much, much more.

“The strategies and techniques presented in this book will not make you rich. But by gambling smarter, you will reduce your losses significantly, and even increase the number of winning sessions that you’ll have,” Bishop adds.

Since its recent release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

"Loved the Book!! Enjoyed the personal experiences provided throughout. Will keep it with me when I'm playing next time for reference,” says P.M.

Another reader, K.T, was equally as impressed. They said that the book contained “"Many topics covered in detail. Gave me an idea on what goes on behind the scenes at the casinos." - K.T.

With so much success on his hands, Bishop could be about to change the face of gambling for good. Often perceived as a viscous pastime that only produces losses, Bishop remains confident that the average gambler can see great success and inject more fun into their gaming.

“By practicing self-discipline and applying my well-tested methods to your gaming sessions, I’m sure you will find the results be very rewarding!!” he concludes.

Surviving the Penny Slots - Take the Money and Run! - Tips and Tricks for Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game’, published by HaB Enterprises, can be purchased from Ebay.

Direct purchase link: http://bit.ly/UwB8hl

About Hal Bishop
In 1982 Hal left college to work in the family graphic arts business with his parents. He bought the business in 1986, and continues to successfully run the company until he sold it six years later. After traveling throughout the United States for nearly a year, Hal’s workaholic tendencies got the better of him.

In 1993 he secured employment in the Colorado gaming industry. Hal not only enjoyed working at the casinos, he also loved to play the penny slots in his free time. After leaving the industry in 2004 to care for a family member, he needed to reduce his expenses significantly as his income almost halved. Hal’s nature had always been one of frugality, so reducing his expenses while continuing to maintain his ‘lavish lifestyle’ of weekly gaming sessions became a personal challenge.

In 2005 he started to develop the ‘Surviving the Penny Slots’ by tapping into all of the knowledge and experience he had gained while working in the gaming industry. After seven years, this step-by-step money-saving system is finally complete ad available to the general public.