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Susan Reader Announces Her Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to Revitalize Ivy & Innocence


Cedar Rapids, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Susan Reader, the renowned artist of Ivy & Innocence, announces her Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign to publish her first illustrated storybook.

A portion of event proceeds will be donated to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital to help the needs of their young patients.

Ivy's Return Storybook by Susan Reader is not an ordinary book. Its amazing stories reveal the secrets of how to nurture a positive outlook. The tales depict a community of whimsical folk with a traditional lifestyle that unite to defeat various challenges. Encouraging adults and children alike, the book aims to stimulate a hopeful perspective in its audience and is highly recommended for those who cherish uplifting stories.

Scientific research shows enthusiastic children have an advantage throughout their formative years. Optimistic children become effective adults, receptive people that invent, explore and achieve a meaningful life. Youngsters with this mindset learn to face challenges and find ways to overcome them, striving to make our world a better place.

These lessons are exemplified in the daily activities of the characters portrayed in the noteworthy storybook based on the actual buildings and figurines from a line called Ivy & Innocence.

Ivy & Innocence is a vintage village of miniature cottages where vines and flowers thrive. A whimsical place where the inhabitants are helpful and kind, a quiet hamlet brought to life through the enriching storybooks.

In schools today, children are expanding their education with facts and figures in the classrooms. Who is teaching them to have a positive outlook on life? This important life attribute is currently being studied by experts documenting the irrefutable impact it has on people and those around them.

As caring adults, we must to supervise our young. We need to realize what is put in front of them in their formative years will influence their personality in the years to come. The television, the internet, movies and games all impact our children. This stimulus, good or bad, persuades their character into developing a mirror-like attitude.

Therefore, we need to choose books that suggest the right ideals. Stories that motivate our children to make the right choices in life. Tales that inspire them to do great deeds.

Ivy's return storybook nurtures these principles that encourage an optimistic view toward life and fostering a positive outlook, especially in our young, is priceless.

"Susan, I am so excited for you and can't wait to see what you have in store for the future. I would love to be able to pledge $4,000 and receive all the goodies but unfortunately as a retired grandma I can't. I have a granddaughter who is interested in my collection and I will pass it on to her. God bless you and thank you for bringing back Ivy and Innocence. I am really excited." ~ Terri, A loyal follower

The storybook's goal is to awaken life's wonderment and inspire every reader, young or old. Let us learn how to find the hidden joy in our amazing lives and help the UI Children's Hospital along the way. Make a pledge for your copy today!

For more information, please contact Susan Reader via email

Contact Person: Susan Reader
Address: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Phone: 319-981-2651
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