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Susan RoAne Shares Holiday Party Tips for the Shy and Not-So-Shy


Greenbrae, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Now that the end of the year is approaching, more companies are hosting holiday parties for their employees. For some, these parties are a chance to unwind, connect with colleagues, and enjoy the season—but for the shy, holiday parties can be a daunting obstacle course.

Susan RoAne, a well-known keynote speaker and best-selling author, is celebrating the Silver Anniversary Edition of her classic book, How To Work a Room(R). The book, which has sold over 1.3 million copies to date and available for pre-sale, aims to help readers conquer holiday party shyness by providing a comprehensive list of Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts.

Included in her classic tips are: Focus the conversation on those items which you have in common with other attendees, such as the venue, the theme, the work projects, the hosts; or encouraging those partygoers to project warmth, interest, and sincerity with their colleagues. RoAne also suggests that people talk to people they don’t know and to open up the lines of communication with those around them and build rapport.

According to RoAne, making conversation with other attendees of the party is not as intimidating as it seems to be. She suggests bringing your “O.A.R”—“Observe, Ask, and Reveal”—to the holiday party. Asking the host or a guest questions such as “do you have any plans for the holiday?” or “who do you think made this delicious crab dip?” is a great way to observe surroundings and interact with fellow attendees. Guests can also reveal their ideas, thoughts, and plans to others by sharing comments about what they want to do for the holidays.

Guests are always reminded to be on their best behavior and avoid complaining, interrupting, or ridiculing. It is also advised to stay away from excessive drinking and refrain from sharing or doing anything that one may later regret. Guests should always put away their technological devices when entering the party.

“Over the years, I’ve collected my observations of what people do that is appropriate and, even more importantly, what is inappropriate,” said RoAne. “I’ve noticed that the most important point to remember is that any event sponsored by a business group, company, or association is exactly that—business—and calls for its own behavior.”

Individuals interested in learning more about RoAne and the Silver Anniversary edition of How To Work A Room(R) can visit the author’s website for more information. Readers can also contact RoAne with questions and business opportunities though her LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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