Susan Striker Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Anti-Coloring Book App

The new Anti-Coloring Book® App promotes creativity and encourages problem solving in children. It is a refreshing alternative to the violence in so many other apps.


Fairfield, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- Susan Striker created an app that will simulate the experience children have when they create art while using their own ideas and skills. As an award-winning art teacher, she has watched students grow, learn and develop so much when they work with crayons, paints and other simple art materials. She takes great joy watching her students solve their own problems and gain confidence in their own abilities and skills.

As a seasoned art teacher with many years of experience under her belt, Sue wrote the Anti-Coloring Books and filled them with the same exciting art activities that have inspired her students to be creative in her classes. She also listed all of the wonderful storybooks that she reads to her classes to motivate them. There have been 14 Anti-Coloring Books published over the years and Ms. Striker plans to add the contents of all of them to the Anti-Coloring Book app.

Ms. Striker saw limitations in existing art apps that give children too many shortcuts - things like clip art and instant color-in buckets, which eliminate the joy of the creative journey and diminish the impact of the experience. The Anti-Coloring Book App is designed to foster a higher level of creativity, pride and accomplishment through the child’s own active involvement.

This art app focuses on the child being smart; not the app

Crowdfunding is sought to fund the high costs of developing the app and delivering the perks promised to backers of this Kickstarter Project.

This crowdfunding project ends on October 5, 2014

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About Susan Striker
Susan Striker is the author of the best-selling Anti-Coloring Book® series with over one million books in print all over the world. She also wrote Please Touch and Young at Art, focusing on the creative development of children through art, music and play. Ms. Striker teaches art in an elementary school in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she was named Distinguished Teacher. She was named Elementary Art Educator of the Year by the Connecticut Art Education Association.