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Sustainable Finance Private Equity Execs See a Rise in Pay to 7 Figures


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2022 -- Sustainable finance used to be an area of expertise that fell pretty far down the scale in terms of remuneration. However, today given the huge shift towards more environmentally-focused economies, specialists in this field are now able to command significant sums. Recent figures show that firms today are willing to considerably increase what they are willing to pay those with expertise in this area, which has meant many private equity executives have seen a rise in pay up to seven figures. Compared to 12 months previously, pay levels are up at least 50% and this is something that is likely to continue as the talent pool in this area is still relatively small. More contracts are also starting to integrate profit-sharing into employment agreements - this is just one of the changes that show just how valuable executives with this skill set are now considered to be, and the measures that firms will engage with in order to recruit competitively.

As experienced private equity recruiters, the team at Selby Jennings has watched the trend towards rising pay for sustainable finance private equity executives expand over the past year - and been able to support many talented people in terms of taking advantage of it. The firm was established in 2004 and has grown into a full-service specialist in banking and financial services recruitment, covering a broad spectrum of different fields, from experience as private equity recruiters to hiring for sales and trading, financial technology, corporate and investment banking, legal and compliance and risk management. Over the years Selby Jennings has built up a database of more than a million mid-to-senior professionals and contacts at key employers across the sector. Through a combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions, the firm is able to deliver creative hiring options for businesses of all types, from agile and innovative disruptors to global names in banking and finance all over the world.

Selby Jennings are private equity recruiters with a business that is truly global in nature. The team in Singapore is part of a worldwide workforce of 1,000+ and the firm is also the recruitment partner of choice to hundreds of world-leading companies as part of the Phaidon International group, which operates across 6 countries. Consultants develop a deep expertise in their area of specialism, whether that is as private equity recruiters or other key fields. All are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure that standards are kept consistently high, as well as working with best-in-class recruitment technology and strategies. Today, Selby Jennnings are private equity recruiters able to offer a wide range of global roles, including Global TMT Analyst [Hardware], Equity Analyst [Commodities/Materials], Fund Operations Manager [Investment Management Firm] and Senior Accountant [Commodity Trading]. For ambitious individuals keen to take a career-defining next step, and firms looking to recruit for resilience and growth, Selby Jennings is a clear first choice.

"The Financial Services industry once again pivoted itself to offer new products, services and even launch new businesses as a result of the pandemic, and 2022 is already shaping up to be another transformational year," commented Natasha Madhavan, Head of Selby Jennings, South East Asia. "Covid-19 propelled the inflow of funds into Singapore, and with many funds and investment firms hiring through the year across Front and Middle Office roles. 2022 will be a busy year to help all our clients secure top talent on a global scale."

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