SWEAT IT out Announces Compression Shorts in Stock for Basketball Players This October


Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- SWEAT IT OUT®, a national sports apparel retailer, announces compression shorts for basketball players are in stock this October. Players who want to get their game on - without stressing their thigh muscles – can now purchase a variety of compression shorts available at the company’s online shop. Athletes who wear compression shorts reportedly have less muscle fatigue than athletes who don’t wear them. Additionally, when the gear is worn after a workout it is said to reduce swelling in key muscle groups.

SWEAT IT OUT® claims that wearing compression shorts helps prevent skin ailments such as chaffing and rashes. Sweating and friction of the skin against traditional athletic garments may cause these uncomfortable skin conditions. While the company states that compression shorts augment cardio ability, other products, like its compression hosiery, are said to improve circulation.

For athletes who engage their upper arms by repeated movements such as throwing, tossing and pitching, SWEAT IT OUT® vends arm compression bands. Wearing a compression band reportedly stabilizes vulnerable areas of the arm, such as the elbow joint. Additional benefits of the compression sleeve include allowing full extension of the arm, complete motion control, and reduction of pain and swelling of injuries.

At the company’s website, customers can glean information on the types of compression gear that prevents injuries. The company carries an extensive line of compression garments which are easily located on related product pages.

Buy arm sleeves online today by visiting the company’s website or calling one of their compression experts at 800-343-8960.

SWEAT IT OUT® specializes in TRUE COMPRESSION for both the Upper and Lower body to help prevent injuries and also to help with rehabilitation from an existing injury.

SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression shorts, Performance Compression Tops, Running Gear, and Performance Compression Pants are made from a unique, powerful fabric designed to be worn next to the skin for a tight fit providing true compression to the underlying tissue and muscle without restriction or discomfort. The Lycra® content in these garments is the highest available for stretch and recovery.

For more information about SWEAT IT OUT® and its products, visit: http://www.sweatitout.com/