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Sweat It Out's Products Improve Performance

Sweat it Out has been in the sportswear industry for over 20 years for all sports wear products.


Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- Sweat it Out has been in the sportswear industry for over 20 years with gear for both men and women. For those who are active and looking for running gear, Sweat it Out offers INVISTA CoolMax shirts and socks, which is an enhancement fabric that increases performance. With lighter material, it provides a perfect fit for those who are looking to improve their workout.

Their compression shirts have the ability to direct sweat away from the body’s core where it can dry faster than any other fabric. Sweat it Out’s active gear has the capability to keep clothing dry while sweating, therefore allowing one to stay cooler in hot weather and warmer in the cold. Their compression shirts offer the highest quality enhancement apparel that wick moisture away faster.

Sweat it Out’s CoolMax sportswear performed in a moisture management test drying completely in 30 minutes, whereas cotton remained nearly 50% wet. This allows for maximum performance and comfort when exercising or for everyday use. CoolMax shirts or socks allow for the body to expend less energy cooling one’s body down because of the wicking technology. Therefore for those who are active are able to enhance their performance and endurance.

Sweat it Out also specializes in football sleeves, basketball sleeves and baseball sleeves. Sweat it Out garments offer true compression for the body, stretching 360 degrees, so the garment can even stretch more than the body does, so no movement is inhibited. Sweat it Out stretches vertically and horizontally, which gives the body quick recovery time. With compression sportswear you get a light yet durable support.

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