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Sweat It Out's Products Now Support Thigh, Groin, & Hips for Various Athletes


Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- When it comes to preventing injuries, training, exercise, and stretching, a person can only go so far. So, that is why Sweat It Out is proud to announce their new LYCRA Power Performance Compression Shorts. These compression shorts for running will be able to help athletes or those who simply work out in preventing hamstring injuries, quad injuries, groin pulls, etc. during their activities. With added support in the thigh, groin, and hip areas those who enjoy working out or individuals who are professional athletes, can greatly benefit from the added support in this injury prone area.

When using the LYCRA Power Performance Compression Shorts when training for extended periods of time they can significantly help decrease the impact of one’s legs pounding into the ground. After a while, one’s feet and legs become worn down from the constant beating, but with the best running compression gear, a person will be able to alleviate the pain from those muscle groups to prolong performance. No matter what sport one may be partaking in, the LYCRA Power are optimal compression shorts for basketball, tennis, baseball, etc. When exercising and training there is an extreme amount of pressure being put on one’s lower body muscles. The objective for the LYCRA Power Compression Shorts is to maintain the lower body muscles so athletes and trainees can perform to their maximum potential.

For other sports, compression shorts for tennis can benefit a player when running back and forth, coming to complete halts making one’s muscles work even harder. They have the ability to help control muscle vibration when partaking in sports such as basketball, tennis and running that restricts the movement of the lower body muscles. During rigorous training and workouts, Sweat It Out has had the pleasure to help those prevent injuries, promote quick recovery, and increase efficiency when working out.

About Sweat it Out
Sweat it Out also specializes in football sleeves, basketball sleeves and baseball sleeves. Sweat it Out garments offer true compression for the body, stretching 360 degrees, so the garment can even stretch more than the body does, so no movement is inhibited. Sweat it Out stretches vertically and horizontally, which gives the body quick recovery time. With compression sportswear, a person will get a light yet durable support.

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