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Sweat It Out's Sportswear Now Offers driFIRE Performance Wear


Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Sweat It Out is proud to announce that they now offer an innovative high-tech sportswear called driFIRE Performance Wear. This is one of the most creative sportswear fabrics yet that is flame resistant, and is engineered perfectly to provide moisture management when working out. Not only does this moisture technology keep one dry, but it also provides optimal comfort. Whether it is compression pants for running, or used on the job, the simple technology of staying cool and dry makes it perfect for firemen, law enforcement, and the military.

The Sweat It Out team is proud to offer this patented technology that draws the sweat away from the body, allowing for a more effective evaporation so the clothes and skin are always dry. The driFIRE Performance FR Wear running compression gear is perfect for firemen allowing them to be protected when entering a blazing building or any hazardous occurrence. Due to their innovative technology, it allows those to be kept dry, cool, and comfortable with its one of a kind blend of fibers.

No matter what one may be using, the driFIRE Performance Wear will help a person stay dry and cool during exercise. Being that it is a lightweight fabric, this makes it great for fireman and law enforcement agents to move around and not be weighed down by heavy fire resistant clothing. When wearing normal fabric materials, it takes only seconds for a fire to spread rapidly throughout the body causing serious burns and damages to the skin. However, with Sweat It Out’s driFIRE Performance Wear, those who need it on the job can be at ease knowing they are protected, and will stay dry and comfortable.

Sweat it Out also specializes in football sleeves, basketball sleeves and baseball sleeves. Sweat it Out garments offer true compression for the body, stretching 360 degrees, so the garment can even stretch more than the body does, so no movement is inhibited. Sweat it Out stretches vertically and horizontally, which gives the body quick recovery time. With compression sportswear a person will get a light yet durable support.

For more information about Sweat it Out and its products visit http://www.sweatitout.com/.