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Sweep Home Chicago Announces Rise in Demand for Green Cleaning

More and more people are realizing that green cleaning produces results equal to traditional methods without the use of unhealthy cleansers, reports Sweep Home Chicago


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- For years, people were unaware of the fact that their environments were full of pollution from an unexpected source: Their cleaning solutions. Now, Sweep Home Chicago has announced that there is a surge in demand for green cleaning services in Chicago. This trend is causing changes throughout both the housekeeping and commercial cleaning industries as they adapt to the fact that people want their environments to be easy on humans while remaining hard on germs and grime.

"One of the ways that cleaning services in Chicago are being greener is in the choice of cleaning solutions used," said Brandon Boyewsky of Sweep Home Chicago, a residential cleaning company. "It used to be that cleaning liquids were chosen for how clean they made surfaces look, and it was believed that the best solutions used harsh solvents to get the job done. Alternatively, some clients were more focused on disinfection. As with appearance-based cleaning, it was believed that a disinfectant was more powerful if it was very harsh. The unfortunate side effect of these ways of thinking was that the residues from all of these chemicals made the interior environment very harsh on the humans and pets that resided there as well as on the targeted substances."

Now, research has shown that there is no need for effective cleansers to be hard on humans. Natural, human-friendly substances do quite well at removing grime and disrupting germ growth. Not only that, these cleansers are biodegradable, so they won't attack any non-target creatures. Germs, however, still must beware.

"Of course, green cleaning involves many of the same aspects as the traditional kind," noted Boyewsky. "We still sweep and vacuum, and we still dust surfaces. These activities don't use cleansers, so they're naturally green just as they are."

Despite the benefits of green cleaning, some customers still want the traditional kind that they are familiar with. This is usually because they associate certain practices and even scents with the concept of cleanliness, and for them, nothing else will do. For this reason, many cleaning services offer both traditional and green cleaning options.

"It's true that some people like the old standbys when it comes to chemicals used in cleaning, and there are enough that, like other companies, we still offer traditional services. Even so, we believe that the trend towards green cleaning is only going to grow. Once more and more people realize that green cleansers can indeed get their homes and offices as clean as the old versions, the old type of cleansers will likely become obsolete. By that time, though, the benefits of green cleaning will be almost universally known, so it likely won't be a problem," Boyewsky said.

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