Sweet Amsterdam, Dutch Stroop Waffles and Poffertjes Is Redefining Deliciousness on Indiegogo

Jessanne and Farhad will make delicious fresh Dutch Stroop Waffles (caramel waffles) and Poffertjes (fluffy pancakes) on the spot, just like in Amsterdam.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- The young LA based couple Jessanne and Farhad are food fanatics and love to travel. Farhad was raised in the Netherlands and in 2013 the couple went to visit Amsterdam. This is where Jessanne was introduced to two famous local sweets called Stroop Waffles (pronounced "Strope" Waffles, which are caramel Waffles). And Poffertjes (pronounced "pufferchess"), which are warm fluffy mini pancakes topped with butter and powdered sugar.

Surprisingly Stroop Waffles and Poffertjes are almost unknown in the US and hard to find (especially fresh made ones).

The couple decided that it was time to introduce the American people to these sweets starting with their hometown of LA, and the best way to do this is of course with a food trailer.

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