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Sweet Pomchu: Sweet & Succinct Children's Book Series Provides Teaching Tool for Language Students

Written by Cristina De Paula, the ‘Sweet Pomchu’ series details the adventures between a young girl and a little cat who become the best of friends. Simple language and vivid storytelling allow even the earliest of readers to follow along with enjoyment.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Pure joy spills from the pages of ‘Sweet Pomchu’ and ‘Sweet Pomchu: A Day in the Park’, a duet of books by author Cristina De Paula.

Wonderfully told and illustrated, the stories follow a young girl named Paula and her friendship with a mischievous and kind cat named Pomchu. Paula and Pomchu explore ‘The Big Apple’ and invite readers along on their charming escapades. The colorful descriptions and pictures will delight children and parents alike.

Newcomers to the English language or English-speakers hoping to expand their language base to Portuguese will find ‘Sweet Pomchu: A Day in the Park’ a useful tool in their education. On each page, the text is translated from English into Portuguese, allowing for a fun and functional way to sharpen language skills. The author latest book is also seeing elevated success following its featured appearance at the Bologna book fair.

“That was vital to me, as I am a Portuguese speaker,” says the author. “It’s a lovely way of teaching the language or helping Portuguese children learn English for the first time. I think teachers will find the book very useful to them in their classrooms and parents can also use it as a bedtime story.”

Continuing: “Not to mention, the books are a fantastic example of friendship and caring for others. While the stories are humorous, they also show children positivity and teaches them the value of education and eating good snacks.”

Official Synopsis
Sweet Pomchu” is the title of a cute little children’s book that follows the adventures of Paula, a young Brazilian girl who comes to the Big Apple and befriends a cat named Pomchu. Paula arrives at her apartment after her flight and cab ride only to find a little kitty cat right at the door. Both are startled. Paula is afraid of animals and Pomchu is scared of humans.

Portuguese Synopsis: “O Meigo Pomchu” é o título de Um de livrinho infantil fofo Sobre as aventuras da Paula, uma menina brasileira que veio para Nova York e se torna a melhor amiga de Um gato chamado Pomchu. Após seu voo e tomar um táxi, Paula chega No seu apartamento e Acha um gatinho na sua porta. Ambos estão assustados Paula tem medo de animais e Pomchu tem medo de humanos.

Since the release of the series, children and parents alike have been enchanted by the adventures of Paula and Pomchu.

“This is the second installment of sweet Pomchu. I liked the first one and decide to buy this adorable book and I am happy I did Sweet Pomchu 2 as engaging and fun as the first book is a delight story of the adventures of Cristina and her new found friend! I highly recommend and the little one will love it!” wrote Maria Serafini.

Michael Alexander was equally as impressed, writing: “This is a sweet book that any child will enjoy reading with
a parent - the pictures are colorful and well drawn, and the story is cool.”

“The author used a easy, clear, happy and very nice way to express her idea. My son loved the book. It's for our American kids and any foreign ones, bringing a feeling of unity. Very cool. I recommend this book,” wrote Cris Llerena.

Purchase Links
‘Sweet Pomchu’: http://amzn.to/1lF2Zvl
‘Sweet Pomchu: A Day in the Park’: http://amzn.to/1rkhwLX

The book is also available from Barnes & Noble and Kobo Kids in iBooks format.

About Cristina De Paula
In her childhood, Cristina De Paula was passionate with Disneyland. She grew around many friends and always loved children. She had a great desire to make all of them happy. When she watched cartoons, she always imagined that she was part of it. The characters were so alive inside of her and with passion she created her own characters. That is how this book was created.