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Swim Longer with a Solar Heating System at Supreme Heating WA


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- The swimming season can be extended far into cooler weather with an energy efficient solar pool heating system.  Supreme Heating WA  offers multiple models to warm and cool pools, even on cloudy days. The company’s systems harness the vast and free power of the sun, allowing clients to enjoy a heated pool up to nine months of the year.

A swimming pool provides fun, entertainment and creative opportunities for exercise, but the typical pool season is over in approximately three months. When cold weather arrives, homeowners are forced to vacate their pools. A huge source of enjoyment is gone until the following year. The same is true for commercial concerns. Business owners lose out financially if one of the main attractions to their business is unavailable due to inclement weather.

Supreme Heating WA is changing the way people utilize their pools through solar pool heating systems. Solar pool heating is the most energy efficient and cost effective way of heating a pool. With proper maintenance, the systems can provide premium service for up to 20 years and bring families and friends closer together through pool-based activities.

Supreme Heating WA offers a full complement of solar pool heating options that includes panel, evacuated tube and strip systems. A solar heating system is an environmentally responsible decision that costs far less to operate than gas heaters and heat pumps, eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels, and produces no greenhouse emissions that negatively impact the environment.

Concerns about global warming and climate change have resulted in numerous programs that provide rebates and financial incentives for which individuals may be eligible. Supreme Heating WA offers automatic and manual pool heating systems that provide convenience and accommodate a wide range of budgets.

Low maintenance costs add to the attractiveness of solar heating options. Many factors influence the performance of a solar heating unit and multiple considerations must be evaluated when installing a solar pool heating system. The professionals at Supreme Heating will collect and calculate all the required data to ensure clients have the solar heating system that best meets their needs for practical application.

Fans can follow the firm on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Visitors to the site can download brochures and manuals on products that include the Heatseeker solar heating system for pools, hydronic heating, pool blankets and heat pumps.

The solar swimming pool heating systems offered by Supreme Heating WA offer clients an energy efficient and cost effective way of heating their pool that can extend the swimming season for up to six months. Free solar power is economical, reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and allows clients to obtain additional use from their investment.

For more information, contact Craig Doncon by phone at 0407 018 868, via email with the convenient form on the website, or visit  Supreme Heating WA  online.

About Supreme Heating WA
Supreme Heating WA is an Australian owned company specializing in energy efficient heating solutions. The company was launched more than 20 years ago and has grown into one of the leading heating companies in Australia. The firm is a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association, GreenSmart and the Housing Industry Association.

Craig Doncon
Managing Director
Supreme Heating WA
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