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Swiss Time Services Are the UK Leader in Omega Watch Repair


Hockley, Essex -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- For many, a vintage timepiece is a signature status symbol, demonstrating an appreciation of the finer things in life, as both a piece of jewellery and a feat of engineering. Though watches by Omega and famous Swiss brands are by the quality of their craftsmanship extremely reliable, over the years they can be known to require repairs or servicing. Swiss Time Services have been the UK’s premier repairer and restorer for almost twenty years.

The company offers both watch repairs on vintage and contemporary time pieces as well as specialist and bespoke restorations on collectors’ items. As well as repairing existing timepieces, the company stocks a collection of finely restored pre-owned vintage watches for those looking for the perfect classic piece.

Their success has been in large part due to their stringent recruiting standards and impressive commitment to customer service. They also take great care to explain their processes in detail and consult with clients to ensure the restoration is completed not only to the highest standard but to the specifications of the owners. It is perhaps for this reason that they are officially an Omega approved service centre.

The company are so confident in their restoration; repair and servicing that in all instances clients will be provided with a two year warranty on the watch, ensuring peace of mind for the consumer.

A spokesperson for Swiss Time Services explained their unique process, “Our Swiss and Omega watch repairs are performed by trained experts with surgical precision, and all follow our five step process. First, the watch will be completely dismantled by hand and any worn or broken parts removed, then the case will be ultrasonically cleaned and re-brushed; we then source replacements from our comprehensive collection of spare parts, many of which are out of production ahead of reassembly, whereupon the watches are thoroughly product tested over 48 hours, held to the same standards as the watches were when they were new. All the prestige of a vintage watch, made as good as new.”

About Swiss Time Services
Swiss Time Services has been the United Kingdom’s approved Omega service centre for vintage Omega watches since 1993. Utilising state of the art equipment and highly trained Watch Technicians, they cater for all the needs of their customers from a simple battery replacement to the total renovation of vintage timepieces, of which they receive up to 18,000 a year. For more information please visit: