Switch2Voip Now Offers VoIP in Philippines Call Centers


Olympia, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- VoIP in Philippines as an advanced form of communication technology is now available in Philippines for Call Centers. Switch2VoIP now offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as an advance means of technology for communication which is a revolutionary step for call centers in the Philippines. Call centers in Philippines can now benefit with the Swithc2VoIP services as it can save a substantial amount of money when as compared to the cost incurred for long distance calls made via conventional methods. Switch2VoIP offers highly reliable and affordable VoIP services at competitive rates without compromising on quality.

Switch2VoIP guarantees its clients in the Philippines a well trained support team that is accessible 24/7. Call centres in the Phillippines can switch to the advanced and innovative service offerings of Switch2VoIP that has a global presence and vast experience in terms of rendering quality service in the field of VoIP and to call centres in specific. Call Centres and contact centres in the Phillippines now have access to top levels of uptime and support from a leading VoIP service provider now at their door step. Switch2VoIP is compatible with all Asterisk based platforms such as Vicidial, Goautodial, ViciBox, VicidialNow, Elastix, etc. VoIP in Phillippines through Switch2VoIP now makes operating call centre call volumes, managing the number of channels as well as skip trunking account so as to make VoIP calls. Switch2VoIP is certainly the VoIP service provider that can understand One's needs or provide the number of channels one need for the number of calls per second that call centres typically make.

Switch2Voip offers to seamlessly integrate VoIP in Philippines for Call Centers solutions that allow competing and reducing operational costs while providing top quality VoIP services and has the unique ability to make unlimited concurrent calls from their dialers without the need of opening more than 1 account.

Switch2VoIP offers other valuable services like ‘VoIP Pay As You Go’ billing model that provides the best quality of service without commitments or agreements. Also the premium A-Z VoIP termination can be requested for. Wholesale VoIP rates without having to buy a big amount. Other extended services include bulk SMS messaging, virtual phone numbers, international DIDs, Free Service Features, Virtual Hosted VICIdial and so on. Further the call centres can add balance online with easy payment options.

Switch2Voip offers VoIP in Philippines some of the top experts in the VoIP industry and network engineering so call centers and business customers have the advantage of having their problems relating to communications are handled by efficient and knowledgeable team of experts.

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Switch2Voip team of experienced professionals is committed to providing high quality and reliable VoIP services to customers worldwide. This service provider has been successfully delivering wholesale VoIP solutions since 2007 and has a global presence is now makings its presence

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