Kimberly Mays

Switched at Birth Florida Woman Looking for Helping Hands

Switched at birth woman sets up a gofundme campaign.


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2016 -- Kimberly Mays switched at birth woman has set up a gofundme campaign. Anything is greatly appreciated.

Hello. My name is Kimberly Mays and I need the public's help. Please read my campaign on gofundme. It is going to a good cause. While most people cast stones, this is for the people who have a heart. I am in need of relocating my children to anywhere but Florida. The reason is in the gofundme campaign. My job that I currently work for is located in Colorado, and I have chosen to relocate there in hopes for a better life for my children, especially my oldest daughter.

Please read gofundme and donate to a good cause. Thank you for your time and for the ones that think negatively of me, "those without sin, cast the first stone".