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Switching Careers at 50+ No Problem for Successful Author

Taylor Nash’s husband was her biggest fan. Urging her to pursue her dream of writing professionally, Bill Miller looked forward to reading his wife’s first published book. Tragically, after thirty years of marriage, Bill was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died soon after. Despite her grief, Nash didn’t give up and is currently at work promoting her third upcoming release, ‘Wicked Moon’ and by extension, a Foundation that is near and dear to her heart.


Champaign, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Making a career change during middle age is no easy feat. Just ask Taylor Nash.

“It certainly wasn’t easy,” says the author, who will release her third novel, ‘Wicked Moon’, in late 2014. “But it was immensely satisfying. Especially since it was my husband’s dream for me, and I wanted to do it for him.”

Nash’s husband, Bill Miller, died nine years ago of cancer.

“He was my biggest cheerleader,” she says. “I know he’s so proud of me. In part, he’s inspired a lot of my work – I write a lot about love, grief and romance. It helps to write what’s in your heart.”

Nash’s upcoming release, ‘Wicked Moon’ is a contemporary romance, with shades of the paranormal. Set in a crumbling mansion on Cape Cod Bay, the novel begins in the 1800s, when the pregnant daughter of a sea captain perishes in a tragic accident. In the present day, the mansion becomes the subject of an ownership battle between the woman who owns it and a developer who would like to knock down the building and create a block of condominiums.

As the spirit of the sea captain’s daughter paces the widow’s walk, suspense and passion create climatic results.

‘Wicked Moon’ is more than just a book for Nash – it is also a labor of love, dedicated to a cause that is an important one to her family. Nash’s brother is President and a founding member of the ‘Simes House Foundation’, a charitable organization dedicated toward restoring the historic Civil War mansion in Manomet, Massachusetts. Nash’s imagination took hold when saw the mansion for the first time. Deciding to set ‘Wicked Moon’ in the Simes House, Nash also made the unusual choice to donate all profits from the book to the Foundation.

“It’s a book about enduring love, and how spirits live on, even after death and even after it seems all hope is lost,” says the author. “It’s a message I believe in, and paired with such a wonderful cause and a beautiful home – well, it just seemed to fit perfectly.”

‘Wicked Moon’ will be released soon. Please visit http://www.taylornash.com for more details.

About Taylor Nash
Taylor Nash calls Champaign, Illinois home. She comes from a large family and adores her two granddaughters. She has more hobbies and interests than time, some including being an avid golfer, traveling to golf courses, cake decorating and instructing, and knitting.

She has a great passion for writing novels and paying it forward to aspiring authors. She's published a family cookbook, Ida Kay's Favorites. Uncharted Depths is an award-winning novel, and The Apparition has gotten rave reviews. She enjoys speaking engagements with book clubs, libraries, and professional organizations.

Her third novel, Wicked Moon, is to be released fall 2014. It is a special effort as the backdrop/setting is a real and rare 1863 Victorian Mansion undergoing restoration on Cape Cod Bay. Profits from this novel will go to the Simes Foundation to help complete the restoration and preserve a precious piece of history.

Check out her website taylornash.com for more information about Taylor Nash, sign up for her newsletter.