Dion Accoto, Experienced Barrister in Sydney Provides Legal Advice for Criminal Cases, Motor Traffic & Drink Driving Matters.


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Dion Accoto, Experienced Barrister in Sydney Provides Legal Advice for Criminal Cases, Motor Traffic & Drink Driving matters.

A very experienced criminal barrister in Sydney, Dion Accoto provides legal advice as well as court representation to his clients. This Sydney criminal lawyer has defended hundreds of clients against DUI charges and helped them get their licences back. Talking about the right advice for any case, a spokesperson for Mr Accoto says, “All areas of law are complex. All facets of the law are complex and constantly changing.”

However, he further adds, “It is important that the right advice is obtained as early as possible. Involving a Barrister as early as possible can be of invaluable assistance. Decisions made in the early stages of a case can often make a huge difference to the final outcome”. In his opinion, “Getting the right advice in the early stages of any matter is essential.”

This Sydney criminal barrister, Dion Accoto can also work with clients directly and with their solicitor and provide them with the right advice and the available options. Regarding the cost involved hiring him, it is understood that it can often be prohibitive and consequently limit access to the services of a barrister. This is why Mr Accoto accepts clients directly without the need for a solicitor. (for many types of cases, not all). This will reduce the costs associated with having to have both a solicitor and a barrister.

Nonetheless, Mr. Accoto provides a clear picture of costs or any estimated fee that is going to be charged to clients. However, it is not the cost that matters for a person who has been charged with a criminal matter or a DUI; rather, experienced legal advice, Mr. Accoto has proven his ability with hundreds of successful outcomes.

About Dion Accoto
Dion Accoto is a Barrister who practices at various courts in Australia but predominantly in New South Wales. His chambers are at Trust Chambers and he is also a member of Criminal Law Chambers, in Sydney conveniently located close to the Downing Centre criminal court complex. An experienced Barrister who can provide both legal advice and court representation, he became a Barrister in April 2000. He practiced as a solicitor prior to becoming a barrister and worked as a criminal investigator prior to that.

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