Sydney Just Wedding Cars Launch a Wedding Budget Advice Campaign

The average cost of a wedding is $36,200, which could take the bride and groom up to ten years to save. A Sydney wedding car hire Company has come up with wedding tips that could help the happy couple afford their wedding much sooner at a much-reduced cost.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2015 -- According to some wedding experts, the high cost of a wedding is one of the reasons why tens of thousands of people do not get married. Instead of getting married many couples decide to use the money on a house and try and save up for a wedding at a later day. Just Wedding Cars, a Sydney wedding car hire Company has said by using their wedding budget tips people wishing to get married do not have to wait for many years to save up.

Just Wedding Cars who help the happy couples make their day even more special with a range of wedding cars has come up with a number of budget wedding tips. These tips can help reduce the overall cost by up to half of the wedding cost.

A spokesman for Just Wedding Cars said: "We understand how important it is for people to get married, and we also understand how expensive it can be. That is why we have launched some tips to help people get married on a budget instead of spending $36,200.

According to Just Wedding Cars, local colleges can play a big part in helping people reduce the cost of their wedding.

The tips issued by Just Wedding Cars include:

1. Transport
Instead of hiring a number of wedding cars to take close family and friends to the wedding venue, hire a Limousine. A Limousine can carry up to ten people, which means close family and friends can fit in one car and reducing the overall cost.

2. Get married during the week
A lot of couples like to get married at the weekend, but by getting married during the week it can help reduce the cost of hiring a wedding venue.

3. Wedding Flowers
By visiting a local college that runs a course in flower arranging and asking the students if they would like to provide the flowers for the wedding, it could reduce the cost.

4. Catering
Catering can be a huge expense for the bride and groom. If the wedding venue does not have a policy of providing the catering service, then ask a local catering college to see how much they would charge. The price would be much more affordable than a professional catering company.

5. Wedding Photographs
Just Wedding Cars has said by booking a wedding photographer at least six months in advance; it could become less expensive. However, they also advise to get at least six quotes and allow them to compete against each other, which could result in knocking down the price by around 25 per cent.

The Sydney Wedding Car Hire experts have said local colleges can play an important part in a wedding, which also includes providing a photographer for the wedding. By choosing students who are in their final year of a relevant course, they have the experience to provide a professional job.

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