Sylvan's Top-Selling SYL-09XLT Microdermabrasion Machine Gets Patent for Innovative Features

Sylvan’s SYL-09XLT, a favorite among many dermatologist, spas, and beauty salons, continues to take skin care to the next level with its advanced features.


North Myrtle Beach, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Introduced in the market in 2011, the SYL-09XLT 6-in-1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine houses a wide selection of skin treatment options is one compact package. The seamless and complementary combination of treatments it offers makes it one of the most in-demand solutions for skin care and beauty industry professionals.

Sylvan celebrates the SYL-09XLT’s patent as the peak of many years of research and development. Its features will continue addressing the most common skin care concerns such as skin rejuvenation, deep pore cleansing, the removal of fine lines and other skin imperfections. “The patent sets the SYL-09XLT apart from many other similar products, acknowledging it as an innovator in the market,” said Jeff Persons, Sylvan, Inc. senior product manager.

With its multiple functions, the diamond microdermabrasion treatment feature takes up a lion’s share of the credit for its popularity. Paired with a number of other treatment features such as micro-current, LED light therapy, skin scrubber, ultrasound, and hot/cold hammer, it provides a wide variety of treatment combinations discriminating skin care and beauty establishments demand.

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