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Synergy Consulting Group Is Offering Potential Solutions for Digital Transformation and Effective Customer Experience Management


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2018 -- Synergy Consulting Group is offering unique business solutions for customer experience management through digital transformation of industries. Growing digitization is facilitating in improving customer experiences. At the same time, it's easier than ever before for customers to find new brands and switch if dissatisfied. Based on this insight, Synergy Group helps its clients to create memorable customer experiences at every touch point.

Speaking at a recent event, the company's Marketing Head said, "Unlike what many organizations perceive, customer experience is not a label that can be added to each level of touch point. This method can reduce dissatisfaction but it is a short-sighted approach. We suggest the way of digitization based on comprehensive data analytics for improving customer brand journeys. Firstly, it's important to integrate digital processes into their operations through IT consolidation. Subsequently, they need a proprietary framework that breaks down implementation into small phases."

With its experience, Synergy Consulting Group helps organizations to move towards the best customer service experience through proper procedures. It begins with identification of structural weaknesses and prioritization of customer journeys. The organizations need to define person as within a segment targeted for improvement. The entire journey of a prospective customer should be broken down into various stages for evaluating brand values delivered at each stage.

The back story for each phase must be documented and it is equally important to identify key triggers. To assess brand values, it is important to collect valuable insights related to these journeys. The strategic objectives of customer experience management and its various segments should be defined clearly. Synergy Consulting Group has a team of working professionals to manage these procedures with efficiency.

The Marketing Head of the company further elaborated, "The implementation of strategies is extremely important to any CX management project. It requires an organization to commit to digital transformation. We help them to work with touchpoint owners to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each point. Creating branded journeys can be a difficult proposition for the companies. We use our expertise to bring together units and divisions with proof of concept pilots focused on cross-touchpoint journeys. Our experts create effective management strategies to institutionalize the entire process."

As one of the top management consulting companies in Dubai, Synergy Consulting Group has been successful in helping many clients to embrace customer experience management. It ensures that the transition is made to full potential through systematic assessment of key elements. Defining the root cause and redesigning the brand journeys are inseparable components of this entire process. Interactions must be prioritized for designing a new journey to meet segment objectives.

Synergy Group's CX management process maps the structural level analysis for optimization of customer experiences at each level. It works on automated rules for improvement and empowerment of front office through digital transformation of industries.

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