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Synovia Launches Public Joints Health Education and Awareness Campaigns


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2020 -- Synovia, the joints health market leader today announced that it is launching a national education campaign to raise awareness of joint health and to encourage consumers of all ages to start paying attention to their knees, ankles and other joints. Experts agree there are steps everyone can take to support joint health.

The campaign will provide U.S. consumers with steps they can take to help strengthen their joints and to help support their joints throughout their lives. "It's vital to find ways to still do what you enjoy, and stay as active as possible" said Nancy Anderson, brand marketing manager, Synovia. The initiative promotes physical fitness. "Even if it hurts a little, keep moving. Don't ever let arthritis get you down and continue to find ways to have a good time!"

Our experienced scientific team is committed to provide the most innovative and cutting edge with highest quality joint health products in the world. We believe we can help improve quality of life. Consumer education on joint health and wellness is part of our core mission. We want to do whatever we can to educate consumers, spread our message and help people understand how important an issue joint health is.

As the world leader in improving joints health, Synovia maker, Bioparanta Corporation message about osteoarthritis is don't delay, connect today. Disseminating information on joint pain with the goal of highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and access to treatment can prevent further damage, and reduce the burden on individuals and society.

We are committed to bringing awareness and creating a conversation around arthritis and the impact of research, focusing on the themes of prevention, treatment and diagnosis, and quality of life."

The education campaign will include insights linking joint health to a range of health issues including fitness, weight management and heart health, discussion of key ingredients for proper joint nutrition and joint health wellness tips from nutritional experts.

Built on quality and innovation, Synovia provides a range of products to support joint comfort, mobility and flexibility. The brand's products include Synovia capsules and Synovia cream.

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Synovia is a brand built on quality and innovation. Synovia has been responsible for leading the way in the joint care health category. Backed by years of commitment from lead scientists and researchers our goal is to bring the best possible products. Synovia is committed to providing high-quality nutritional products to support joint comfort, mobility and flexibility. To learn more visit,

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