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Synthetic Putting Green Turf Is Designed and Crafted by Back Nine Greens, Specialists in Backyard Golf Greens and Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass for Putting Greens

Back Nine Greens backyard putting greens, commercial synthetic turf, artificial grass for landscaping, and artificial grass for putting greens can be designed to fit almost any unique space


Palm Desert, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2024 -- Synthetic putting green turf from Back Nine Greens is designed to be durable and practical, looking pristine year-round at the same time as being low-maintenance and well-drained. Natural elements from an existing backyard design can be seamlessly integrated into a project design, with some features such as waterfalls, ponds, or rockeries becoming new hazards to be avoided when playing on the finished backyard putting greens. For golf lovers who enjoy taking every opportunity to pick up their clubs and play, traveling to and from a golfing facility can be an overhead both in terms of gas costs and perhaps more importantly, time. Creating a home putting green or series of golf greens in the backyard space of a property negates the need to travel to another facility, and it allows the homeowner to truly personalize a golfing experience that harnesses the parts of the game that they particularly enjoy or find a challenge and want to improve at. From beginners to golf enthusiasts on the professional competitive circuit, artificial putting greens offer the opportunity to practice alone or invite family and friends over for fun relaxing outside while trying to beat a personal best or maybe just beat that day's challenger.

With no need to water or seed the artificial grass ever, there is an environmentally friendly benefit to weigh, and with water conservation a hot topic across the country, particularly in states where drought can be an issue, maintaining the appearance of vibrant green turf without the need to use complicated sprinkler systems, fertilizers, timers, and large amounts of water, adds instant curb appeal as well as providing an inviting landscaped area to retreat to and savor. For homeowners looking to protect their families from more than the pesticides and fertilizers that will no longer be required, synthetic turf from Back Nine Greens is lead-free. Allergens around the home will also be decreased with grass pollen and weed allergens greatly reduced in the space immediately around the home.

When explaining what sets Back Nine Greens apart, a representative states: "At Back Nine Greens, we employ great resources and amazing team members. Every team member is a vital component of our continued daily successes. Each of them is a highly-trained specialist in what they do — from our master craftsmen to our lead designers all the way to our installation experts. With them, we are able to provide our clients with a world-class experience along with the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that we are dedicated to ensuring their custom golf green is a work of art. Our clients enjoy knowing that we have the knowledge and ability to directly interface with every single aspect of their project from start to finish – including hardscape and landscape. We have over 26 years of industry experience, and we have artfully constructed over 10,000 projects from a landscape of bare earth to difficult terrain. By cultivating and molding the land to suit our client's greatest expectations, we deliver unique and customized golf greens to our clients."

The team at Back Nine Greens has the experience to look at all aspects of the project, from existing landscaping features to hardscaping additions and from making the most of an existing slope on a lawn to creating a whole new dimension to an existing flat backyard space to make it more challenging and exciting. Hazards can be integrated, with the size and shape of sand traps customized to be unique and aesthetically appealing. Computer-aided design and graphic renderings can help the team and homeowners visualize the finished project, with large-scale earthwork and drone photography engaged on larger projects.

About Back Nine Greens
With over 20 years of industry experience and over 10,000 completed projects, Back Nine Greens has been designing and installing tailor-made greens and artificial turf since 1997. Maximizing the function and beauty of a unique space begins with a client's vision and evolves through the design and installation into a unique backyard, patio, rooftop, sports field, bocce court, or playground. Commercial artificial grass can be installed to transform drought-damaged lawns into low-maintenance landscaping, with the reassurance that the color will not fade as the commercial turf is UV-resistant. Back Nine Greens designs and installs backyard putting greens and artificial grass nationwide, with headquarters in California. From a small project installing artificial grass for dogs to a larger-scale sport field turf installation, the team at Back Nine Greens is passionate about their craftsmanship and delighting clients with spectacular green spaces and landscaping. For avid golfers, no matter their experience, artificial golf greens with synthetic putting green turf can become an integral part of a sports-themed recreational backyard retreat, a place to unwind and relax for a few hours, sharpen up skills prior to the next tournament, or savor some quality time with family and friends on your unique backyard golf green.

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