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SYOPTEK One Click Cleaner Dramatically Reduces Fiber Optic Network Downtime


Xiamen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2016 -- SYOPTEK International, a reputable fiber optic cleaning tool manufacturer which has its manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China, recently unveiled its latest one click cleaner, which is a fiber optic cleaning tool said to offer a slew of advantages to the field operators and corporations that are into fiber optic networking and related solutions. The owners of SYOPTEK maintained during a recent trade fair held in Shenzhen, where the second factory of the company is located, that the main advantage the optic cleaner offers is reduced downtime.

"Apart from reducing the fiber optic network downtime, the one click cleaner along with the other fiber optic tools which we offer bring to the field operators a host of other advantages, including but not limited to precise mechanical actions, ergonomic and comfortable design, mechanical push action and so on", commented a senior executive of the firm during a press conference held during the trade fair.

"The one-click cleaner is really an easy-to-use fiber optic cleaning tool which can be very effective for cleaning jumpers and connectors and the adapters from inside. The field operators only need to pull the one click cleaner inside an adapter and use the mechanical push action to advance the cleaning tape. However, operators should only use optical grade tapes for cleaning. We also sell these must-have fiber optic tools and accessories such as cleaning tapes and OTDR, which is another reason why we continue to be so popular among our buyers", said the executive.

The executive also maintained that the compact and ergonomic one-click cleaner can now directly be purchased through their online trading website. "Dirty connectors often result in optical network failures, which increase downtime and operating cost, both. We, therefore, want to inform fiber optic network operators all around that they can now simply use our website to place their orders, or simply get in touch with our support team to know more about the products. Whether someone needs OTDR or one click cleaner, we offer a huge array of products to choose from", the executive told the press.

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