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System Intensive Announces V2 Cigs Coupon


Butler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- A new V2 Cigs discount is being offered through System Intensive getting users 15% off. V2 e-cigs is one of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the US, offering a number of different starter kits and flavor liquids for their customers. V2 Cigs is the electronic alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

V2 electronic cigarettes have the overall look, shape and appearance of a traditional cigarette. But instead of tobacco, the V2 e-cigs contain a rechargeable battery, heating element and flavor liquid. The liquid comes in a number of different flavors and may or may not contain nicotine. When the smoker takes a drag on V2 electronic cigarette, the heating element inside turns the flavor liquid into water vapor which is thus pulled into the human lungs. As there are no risky carcinogens present, V2 e-cigs are allowed to be used in public places and presents a cleaner experience than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

One of the many perks to using electronic cigarettes versus standard cigarettes is that with an electronic cigarette, the cost is less and there may even be some health benefits (still under investigation). Since its introduction in the US, electronic cigarettes have converted many into the new tech trend.

The V2 cigs coupon allows customers to purchase V2 e-cig products at 15% off. There are a number of starter kits offered by V2 to help new customers get all the equipment needed to use the product. All of the starter kits generally contain a number of V2 e-cigs, rechargeable battery, recharging unit and a selection of flavor liquids. The discount covers starter kits as well.

For more V2 cigs information about the rare discount currently being offered, visit System Intensive.

Jeff Studebaker
System Intensive
Butler, PA, USA