Systematically Designed Bagpipe Case Unveiled for Carrying Scottish Bagpipe with Comfort & Protection

Kyloe is the latest bagpipe case, designed by a CAD 3D engineer who himself is a bagpipe player. The bagpipe carrying case is perfect for traveling with bagpipes and protecting the sweetest sound of the instrument.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- Bagpipes are often praised for the sweetest sound they produce to enthrall the audience. However, carrying a bagpipe from one place to another has always been a challenge because of the complex structure of the instrument. This difficulty has now been overcome with the latest bagpipe case – Kyloe. Designed by a CAD 3D engineer, Kyloe is durable and lightweight. It offers the comfort and convenience of carrying a bagpipe and maintaining its performance of producing the sweetest kind of sound.

According to the designer of Kyloe, who also is a vivid bagpipe player, the bagpipeskin combines the practicality of strength and performance. After years of traveling experience with a bagpipe, the design has been conceived that critically addresses the shortcomings of the previous versions. After several new adjustments, Kyloe evolved gradually and is perfect for travelling with a Scottish bagpipe, retaining its practices and performances. The bagpipeskin has been systematically modified to optimize its functionality and establish its reliability when it comes to carrying a bagpipe.

There are bagpipes for sell, but the importance of a perfect bagpipeskin has always been felt among bagpipe players. They can now rely on Kyloe, which provides an exact amount of space to carry a bagpipe. It also comes with an additional chanter, comfortable straps and other accessories that make it a perfect bagpipeskin. The case is designed in such a manner that one can quickly open it without struggling with several zippers and buttons. With a strong handle and a heavy duty zipper, one can keep the bagpipe inside the case and can take it out effectively when needed.

There are several design improvements that ensure flexibility of carrying a bagpipe with ultimate protection. For example, the handle is designed for a side carrying of the instrument, and a rain cover keeps the bagpipeskin safe and dry.

Kyloe has several outstanding features and one can learn more about it by visiting the website

About Kyloe
Kyloe is the latest version of the bagpipe case, designed for carrying bagpipes in a safe and comfortable manner. The bagpipeskin has been designed by a CAD 3D engineer, who has made several design improvements to increase the functionality and performance of the case. The lightweight, durable and comfortable bagpipe carrying case is now available for sale.

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