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Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 --, a website that provides reviews of various bodybuilding supplements available in Germany, has recently announced that they are offering an additional 10% discount on the increasingly popular supplement T-Force ProSeries. T-Force ProSeries has been highly recommended by the bodybuilding enthusiast behind the site, who himself has tested the product and is now a consistent consumer.

The editor of has maintained a journal of his bodybuilding training methods for past 2 years and has tried various supplements to aid in creating a healthy body. After spending a lot of money, he has finally found a combination of 3 products that have given him the best results. T-Force ProSeries is the highest ranked amongst these products due to its immediate results and comparatively much affordable pricing.

An effective testosterone booster, the T-Force ProSeries aids in building muscles at a much faster pace. According to the editor, the supplement also reduces the recovery time enabling bodybuilding enthusiasts to be more active during their training sessions, validating the claim by the manufacturer of the T-Force ProSeries which is marketing the supplement as a dual-advantage supplement – rapid recovery and better muscle building.

Other two supplements recommended on the website are Nitro X ProSeries and Designer Whey Protein. Nitro X ProSeries which is a nitrogen booster helps individuals gain more energy and be less fatigued during their training. The formula contains powerful antioxidants and healthy nutrients which together work to build muscle growth more swiftly.

Protein shakes are one of the most popular bodybuilding products and are widely consumed in training gyms. However, knowing which one is the best is often a controversy and only people who have tried and tested various protein powders are able to distinguish between the best from the rest. The editor of, recommends the Designer Whey Protein due to its affordable pricing and great taste. The editor also highly recommends the protein as an alternative for the bodybuilders who are unable to cook to maintain a proper healthy diet.

About is one of the leading websites that provides comprehensive details and reviews on various bodybuilding supplements that are available in Germany. The editor of the website is himself a bodybuilding enthusiast who only recommends products that he himself has tried. Through the online platform,, the Top 3 supplements recommended and a journal of the experience of consuming these products can be viewed.

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